What is VAST Platform
Q: Does IBM offer support for VisualAge Smalltalk?
General Information
Q: How can I get rid of the trial dialog?
Q: What files do we need at runtime?
V13.0.0 Runtime Files
V12.0.0 Runtime Files
V11.0.0 Runtime Files
V10.0.0 Runtime Files
V9.2 Runtime Files
V9.1 Runtime Files
V9.0 Runtime Files
V8.6.2 and 8.6.3 Runtime Files
V8.6.1 Runtime Files
V8.6 Runtime Files
V8.5.2 Runtime Files
V8.5 and V8.5.1 Runtime Files
V8.0, V8.0.1, V8.0.2, and V8.0.3 Runtime Files
V7.5, V7.5.1, V7.5.2, and V7.5.3 Runtime Files
V7.0 and V7.0.1 Runtime Files
Q: What are the System Requirements?
V13.0.0 System Requirements
V12.0.0 System Requirements
V11.0.0 System Requirements
V10.0.0 System Requirements
V9.2 System Requirements
V9.1 System Requirements
V9.0 System Requirements
V8.6.3 System Requirements
V 8.6.2 System Requirements
V 8.6.1 System Requirements
V 8.6 System Requirements
V 8.5.3 System Requirements
V 8.5.2 System Requirements
V 8.5.1 System Requirements
V 8.5 System Requirements
V 8.0.3 System Requirements
V 8.0.2 System Requirements
V 8.0.1 System Requirements
V 8.0 System Requirements
V 7.5, V7.5.1, V7.5.2, and V7.5.3 System Requirements
V7.0 and 7.0.1 System Requirements
Q: What Applications do we need at runtime?
V13.0.0 Redistributable Applications
V12.0.0 Redistributable Applications
V11.0.0 Redistributable Applications
V10.0.0 Redistributable Applications
V9.2 Redistributable Applications
V9.1 Redistributable Applications
V9.0 Redistributable Applications
V8.6.2 Redistributable Applications
V8.6.1 Redistributable Applications
V8.6 Redistributable Applications
V8.52 Redistributable Applications
V8.5 Redistributable Applications
V8.0 Redistributable Applications
V7.0 Redistributable Applications
Q: How do I view the "Local Information Center"?
Q: How do I migrate my VisualAge Smalltalk applications when I upgrade to VA Smalltalk?
Q: Why don't some or all of the available Features show up in the load/unload features dialog?
Q: How can I tell what ICs are required to ship with my application?
Q: How can I tell what Message Catalog Files are required to ship with my IC'ed application?
Q: How can I tell what Message Catalog Files are required to ship with my reduced runtime application?
Q: How do I hide source code?
Q: Does VA Smalltalk provide 64-bit support?
Q: Where can I find a copy of the ANSI Smalltalk Standard?
Smalltalk Programming Language
Q: How do I determine whether my Smalltalk memory is corrupted?
Q: How can the command line improve performance?
Q: Why can't I see all the text in my control when I change system fonts?
Platform Support (Linux, Windows)
Q: Which VA Smalltalk versions support Windows 7?
Q: How do I workaround the install failure of V8.0 on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server?
Q: How do I workaround the failure of VisualAge Smalltalk V6.0.2 and earlier on Windows XP SP2 and later?
Q: How can I get the default Windows application icon for any given file?
Q: Does VA Smalltalk work on multi-core hardware?
Q: How do I prevent mouse wheel events from generating walkbacks on Unix?
Q: How do I prevent mouse wheel events from generating walkbacks?
Q: Does VA Smalltalk support more than 2GB RAM on Windows?
Q: How can I get my icons to display legibly on Linux?
Q: Why does my Smalltalk window fail to open?
Q: Why do some VA Smalltalk colors show as black on UNIX?
Q: Why doesn’t the V8.6.0 or earlier Installer’s View Readme button do anything on Fedora?
Q: Does WidgetKit Business Graphics need write access to initialize?
Q: How do I prepare a 64-bit Linux machine to run 32-bit VA Smalltalk?
Q: Why can’t I change the look and feel on Windows when I remove or change the <appname>.exe.manifest file?
Q: Why does component/text scaling in my application look so drastically different in a VAST 9.2 image?
Q: How can I find out the scaling factor of my User Interface Components?
Q: I changed the scaling, but nothing changed in the Smalltalk image. Why?
Q: Why are the VAST Transcript icons black and white?
Q: How to interrupt the VM and dump all running Smalltalk processes stacks?
64-bit Support
Q: Why should VA Smalltalk 64-bit be important to me?
Q: Is VA Smalltalk 64-bit faster than 32-bit?
Q: How do I convert my 32-bit Image or ICs to 64-bit?
Q: How do I prepare a 64-bit Linux machine to run 32-bit VA Smalltalk ?
Q: Is there a simple approach to EMSRV backup on Linux?
Q: Is there a simple approach to EMSRV backup on Windows?
Development Environment (Browsers, Inspectors, Performance Tools, etc.)
Q: How can I set a breakpoint in a callback handler?
Q: Why does the Configuration Map Browser seem sluggish?
Q: I set a breakpoint and cannot start my image any more. How can I recover?
Q: Why does my code not load into my image?
Graphical User Interface
Q: Can I use Packeting Containers selectAll?
National Language Support (Locales and messages)
Q: How are NLS Message Catalog Files (.CAT), NLS Message Pool Dictionaries, and NLS Messages named?
Q: How can I tell what NLS Catalog File (.CAT) goes with which (Sub)Application?
Communications (TCP/IP, MQ, APPC, HLLAPI, CICS)
Q: Where do I get OpenSSL Libraries from and how do I set them up for VA Smalltalk 8.6.2 and above?
Q: How can I use SSL to secure my application?
Database (DB/2, ODBC, Oracle)
Q: Is there a way to perform a REORG TABLE command from VA Smalltalk DB2 CLI application?
Q: Can I read and write data to/from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?
Q: How can I use the Oracle Instant Client with VA Smalltalk on a 64-bit Windows system?
Server Smalltalk (SST)
Web services
Q: How can I use UDDI to describe my web service?
Q: How do I compensate for the lack of continuation support in VA Smalltalk Seaside
Q: How can I move my Seaside apps from Apache to IIS
Web Connection
Processing XML in VA Smalltalk