These frequently asked questions and answers are designed to provide better understanding of VAST Platform (VA Smalltalk), a comprehensive integrated software development environment built on the proven power and productivity of Smalltalk.
You can download a trial copy of the latest version of VA Smalltalk from the Instantiations website.
This page gives you a roadmap of where to go to get quick answers to commonly asked questions about VA Smalltalk answered. More comprehensive and in depth answers are available in the full online documentation.
What is VAST Platform covers information about the product’s history and connections within the Smalltalk community.
General Information concerns VA Smalltalk and the environment in which it operates.
Smalltalk Programming Language treats basic programming issues.
Platform Support considers questions specific to one or another of the operating system platforms supported by VA Smalltalk.
64-bit Support considers questions related to usage of VA Smalltalk 64-bit.
EMSRV covers information about the EMSRV utility which allows multiple users to share a code library.
Development Environment covers the tools available for developing applications in VA Smalltalk.
Graphical User Interface concerns user interface components available for applications in VA Smalltalk.
National Language Support discusses questions encountered in tailoring a VA Smalltalk application to accommodate multiple national languages.
Communications considers questions encountered when a VA Smalltalk application communicates to third party applications using TCP/IP, MQ, APPC, HLLAPI, and CICS.
Database covers issues with certain usage of DB/2, ODBC, Oracle or GLORP in your VA Smalltalk application.
External Interfaces concerns programmatic interfaces to third party applications
Reports concerns the Report feature of VA Smalltalk which generates black and white printed reports from streams, collections, database result tables, or other iterable objects.
Server Smalltalk concerns the Server Smalltalk (SST) feature of VA Smalltalk which facilitates the construction of components capable of distributed processing.
Web Services concerns the web services feature of VA Smalltalk which supports the construction of applications which are accessible from other applications using Web services protocols.
Seaside concerns the Seaside feature of VA Smalltalk which supports the construction of applications which are accessible from an Internet browser.
Web Connection concerns the Web connection feature of VA Smalltalk
Last modified date: 01/02/2023