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Q: Why does the Configuration Map Browser seem sluggish?
When opening a VA Assist configuration map browser, UI actions such as moving windows, selecting list items and bringing up popup menus are taking a long time.
This is a problem that is usually attributed to smalltalk clients which connect to a larger ENVY manager via a network link. Configuration map browsers with VA Assist enabled display icons which show the state of what configuration map editions and applications are loaded into the client image. In order to do this, a series of queries are generated against the ENVY manager. The larger the manager, the more queries that must be generated. Also, the latency of the network link (as compared to File I/O) will slow these queries down considerably. For most clients, this is not an issue, but if either one of these attributes, ENVY manager size and/or network link speed is very large or very slow respectively, then this problem will be noticed.
Fortunately, there is a couple of configuration options available in the configuration map browser that will reduce the number of these expensive queries. The downside is a reduction in functionality such as the user no longer be able to quickly tell, via the VA Assist icons, what is loaded/unloaded in the client image.
Follow these instructions to disable the loaded status queries in a VA Assist enabled configuration map browser:
1. Open a configuration map browser.
2. In the browser menu, select the option "None" in the menu "Editions"->"Show Loaded Status".
Follow these instructions to keep the browser from preselecting the first edition of a configuration map. This will reduce quite a few ENVY queries that happen all at once and will result in faster scrolling of configuration map names:
1. Open a configuration map browser.
2. Enable the option "Preselect First Edition" from the "Editions" menu found in the browser's menubar
Last modified date: 01/12/2021