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Q: What files do we need at runtime?
We’ve packaged our runtime application, but we don’t know what files we need to distribute with the packaged image.
The following files, organized by the directory where they are installed, may be needed at runtime. Refer to the Notes column for the situations under which you would need to distribute a file together with your runtime application.
Each of the files or modules listed below may be redistributed by you for use as part of an application created by you using VA Smalltalk/ VAST Platform if the application is dependent upon such files or modules. Complete information regarding your rights and responsibilities when redistributing these files and applications are described in the Program License Agreement for VA Smalltalk/ VAST Platform.
Please note that files must all belong to the same platform and VA Smalltalk/ VAST Platform version. Mixing files from different versions can have unpredictable results. The version of the run time package must match the version of the development environment used to generate the run time. You can look at file timestamps to determine whether the files in your run time environment belong to a single version. On Windows, the properties of DLLs and executables also identify the version to which they belong.
V10.0.0 Runtime Files (first VAST Platform)
V9.2 Runtime Files (final VA Smalltalk)
Last modified date: 01/30/2024