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Taking IoT Programming to a Higher Level: March 2022 Event

On March 11, 2022, Instantiations hosted an in-person presentation and tech demo at an event organized by the Internet of Things (IoT) organization, RIoT. RIoT's event, Developer Day 2022, took place at Wake Technical Community College's RTP campus. Developer Day gave Instantiations the opportunity to talk about how the IoT development experience could be better […]

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Having a Software Update Strategy is Critical

Avoidance of software updates is an industry-wide problem affecting small businesses, large enterprises, and all types of systems. While it might be advantageous to skip some updates occasionally, it's not a good idea to avoid them altogether. We've already written about the importance of updates as it relates to much older software like IBM® VisualAge® […]

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VAST Platform 2022: ECAP Pre-Release

Every year before Instantiations does a major release, we make an internal, pre-release build of the VAST Platform available to our customers. This internal pre-release is called our Early Customer Access Program (ECAP). The purpose of ECAP is to provide our users with the opportunity to test new features and provide feedback to our engineering […]

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Modernization Doesn't Require a Complex Migration

Updating software is important. We all know that better security, more features, and improved stability are generally a good thing. When software is neglected, high profile issues can occur that result in huge problems! Enterprise systems using IBM® VisualAge® Smalltalk are no exception, but we've seen some organizations leave these applications untouched and out-of-date for […]

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Online Event: Getting Started with Tonel Tools in VAST

Tonel is a text-based file format used to store Smalltalk source code on disk, and was designed from scratch to be version control system (VCS) friendly. It is widely accepted by the Smalltalk community at this point, so Instantiations saw an opportunity to enhance ENVY (the standard VCS in VAST) by adding Tonel support for […]

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F.A.S.T. & Instantiations Online Event: May 2021

Earlier this year, F.A.S.T. invited us to speak to their community about what Instantiations is doing from a business, marketing, and technical perspective. The event, Constant Refinement and Continuing Progress at Instantiations, took place on May 20, 2021. F.A.S.T was a great host which led to the event being a success with many attendees and […]

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