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Taking IoT Programming to a Higher Level: March 2022 Event

March 29, 2022

Instantiations, Inc.
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On March 11, 2022, Instantiations hosted an in-person presentation and tech demo at an event organized by the Internet of Things (IoT) organization, RIoT. RIoT's event, Developer Day 2022, took place at Wake Technical Community College's RTP campus.

Developer Day gave Instantiations the opportunity to talk about how the IoT development experience could be better by using higher level programming languages, for example, languages like VAST and Toit. Our session was aptly titled: Taking IoT Programming to a Higher Level.

Photo of Mariano at RIoT Dev Day 2022
Mariano Martinez Peck doing a tech demo

Since we've previously spoken to audiences at RIoT events about the VAST Platform, we shifted the focus for this presentation to mostly be about a language purpose-built for IoT and microcontrollers: Toit.

We were joined by Toit's Co-Founder & CEO, Kasper Lund, who shared some insights into the creation of Toit and how Toit and Instantiations share a common goal of improving the software development experience for IoT systems. To learn more about Toit, check our recent post on it.

Developer Day 2022 was a great event, and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to introduce VAST and Toit to a whole new audience!

Event Description

Join Instantiations and their guest, Toit, as they discuss the need for more productive, higher-level programming experiences for IoT systems. Get first-hand experience with Toit’s object-oriented programming language that’s specifically designed for IoT, and participate in a hands-on demo of this tech with provided ESP32 dev boards and access to Toit’s cloud-based device management platform.

Event Preparation Page (including software needed for the demo and the presentation slides)


Seth Berman photo

Seth Berman
President & CEO
Instantiations, Inc.

Kasper Lund photo

Kasper Lund
Co-Founder & CEO

Mariano Martinez Peck photo

Mariano Martinez Peck
Senior Software Engineer
Instantiations, Inc.

Watch the presentations and hands-on tech demo

Approx. 1 hour 35 mins total runtime

(15 mins for Seth, 20 mins for Kasper, 1 hour for Mariano's technical demo)

The tech demo section of the video was edited to exclude pauses while participants were assisted.

If you are interested in IoT services or have any questions, feel free to contact us

Together, we can build something great.

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