VAST (VA Smalltalk)
Enterprise-Grade Live Development Platform

Company Overview

Instantiations was founded in 1988 as one of the most prominent Smalltalk product and consulting companies in the world.

Throughout various partnerships and acquisitions with companies like IBM® and Google®, Instantiations has continued to maintain and expand the VAST (VA Smalltalk) Platform, which provides mission critical software for both small companies and enterprise-grade applications across the globe.

Today, the VAST Platform has grown to support both Intel and ARM-based (32-bit, 64-bit) systems, which enables development for most hardware, including small IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Online Migration guide
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VA Smalltalk Migration Guide


  • ESUG 2019 Recap
    August 26 - 30, 2019
    Camp Smalltalk August 24 - 25
    Cologne, Germany

    If you couldn't come, you can catch up on the VA Smalltalk news:

    Company and Product Update
    Learn more about Instantiations and what's coming up next for the VA Smalltalk product.

    JIT Compilation for VA Smalltalk
    New JIT Compiler with incredible performance in our upcoming 9.2 release!  Virtual Machine now runs on ARM/ARM64. Massive improvements to our FFI.

    Why is VA Smalltalk a great possibility for doing IoT and edge computing?
    Cross-development, deployment tools and remote debugging for IoT devices make Smalltalk an ideal candidate for these applications.

    Improving VA Smalltalk deployment, availability and scalability with Docker:
    Ease of deployment, hardware optimization and reproducible processes are just a few of the advantages. Visit our GitHub repo for examples.

    Unified Compression Streams:
    Compression Streams now offer a unified API across in-memory, file and socket streams. High performing compression operations are composable, easily extendable. DEFLATE, GZip, LZ4, ZStandard, Brotli, Zip support comes out-of-the-box.
  • Announcing VA Smalltalk v9.2 Early Customer Access Program
    With an active support license, you can download pre-release build with improvements in may areas! Please click here for details.
  • VA Smalltalk update
    A lot has been happening since Instantiations released 9.0. We're excited to share the news with you!
  • Announcing the VA Smalltalk 9.1 Fixpack.
    With an active support license, you can get the 9.1 Fixpack from the VA Smalltalk downloads page under the "9.1 Fixpacks" section. Please click here for details.
  • GemTalk announces GemBuilder for VA Smalltalk - Community Edition
    Read more about the Community Edition Licensing for GBS
  • V9.1 Release: Linux 64-bit & Largest Feature Set Yet!
    Powerful new 32 & 64-bit state-of-the-art virtual machines.
    Download v9.1 here! Download the updated data sheet and the VA Smalltalk Migration Guide. Onward and upward!
  • Download IBM Smalltalk Redbooks!
    IBM’s Smalltalk Redbooks are now available for download from Instantiations’ website! Click here to check them out: 


SD Times Award   Business Journal Award
SD Times
Top Innovator
for 3 years
  Business Journal
Fastest Growing
Private 100


Smalltalks 2019
November 13 - 15, 2019
Workshops November 11 - 12
at Universidad Nacional del Comahue,
Neuquén, Argentina
Registration and talk submission is now open! More information on FAST.
IoT Demo Night
IoT Demo Night
October 14, 2019
5:30pm to 8:30pm
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, NC, US
The event is FREE, so come join us!
Camp Smalltalk
Camp Smalltalk - Portland 2019
October 4 - 6, 2019
Ctrl-H / PDX Hackerspace
Portland, OR, US
Instantiations will be attending. We hope to see you there!