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March 1, 2021

Seth Berman
President & CEO
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At this point, you've certainly noticed the Instantiations logo, website, and VAST branding are significantly different than before. We're still the same company you've known for years, but we've made these changes to better reflect the current state of our business that's diversifying with expanded services and new technologies.

On the surface, it might look like we've made large and sudden changes, but it really just shows the evolution of Instantiations that's been underway for quite some time. Our visual branding, which may be the most noticeable change, was just the last item to catch up.

In short, Instantiations has been constantly refining and improving what we do, and what you're seeing is the continuing progress that has resulted from this refinement.

This begs the question: "Who is Instantiations now?"

As you know, adapting to changes in the market is essential for any business, and it's for this reason that Instantiations is broadening our focus. As early as 2019, I've spoken to audiences at ESUG and FAST conferences about increasing the time dedicated to innovation in VAST and that we see ourselves as a services-oriented company.

Many of you have already seen this shift first-hand through some of the new features released in VAST 2021, our entry into the Dart/Flutter community, and our usage of Rust to streamline the development of our upcoming Unicode Support framework. We also formalized our custom development, consulting, IoT, and training services when we added them to our website last year. Ultimately, our work in these areas is meant to keep pace with the diverse and evolving needs of our customers.

We truly value the personal relationships we have forged with our customers and their success translates to our success. We will continue providing the software and services needed to move their businesses forward.

There's much more to look forward to this year from Instantiations.

More News on our Website

The newly added "News" section is a great way for others at Instantiations and myself to speak more broadly about Instantiations' direction, upcoming events, technical and development information, and new features. I'll still be posting on our Google Group forum (recently renamed VAST Community Forum) and we can certainly have ongoing conversation about News items there too.

More Virtual Events

We'll start with a how-to webinar on Git/Tonel tools in VAST 2021. Soon after, we'll do a technology preview event for the Unicode Support framework coming to VAST 2022 later this year. I hope we can safely resume some in-person events too, it would be great to see you all!

More Powerful VAST Features

ARM 32/64-bit processor support (with JIT) is coming mid-year to VAST 2021, and a Unicode Support framework is coming to VAST 2022 at the end of the year. Of course, more features will be coming too!

We hope you enjoy the new look of Instantiations and the updated website, and we look forward to bringing you great new features for VAST this year. And as always, we appreciate your continuing support and the opportunity to work with you.

Together, we can build something great.

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