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Custom Development

When open source software doesn't meet your needs, we can build software to your exact specifications and fully support it...whether it's in Smalltalk, Dart, Rust, or another language.

Contracting & Team Augmentation

Get help hitting your next deadline or solving a set of tough issues. No matter the tasks, we'll help you reach your goals.

Instantiations has provided essential support for companies and their VAST systems through not only software development, but system documentation, training, and consultation too.
Remotes sessions for team augmentation
Example of new framework

New System Creation

Our engineers will create advanced platforms, libraries, and frameworks for your specific needs.

Check out our latest open source projects for code samples and methodologies:

Interested in using other technologies or languages? Contact us, we can help.

Migration to the VAST Platform

If you're migrating from IBM® VisualAge® Smalltalk, other Smalltalk dialects, or another programming language, we'll create a transition plan and get you running with VAST as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

No company is better suited for a migration than the developers of the destination platform.
VisualAge to VAST

Service Rates

Rates for services will vary based upon the type of service and the length of engagement. 

Customers with 'Premier' Support Plans get a discounted rate for all services.

Together, we can build something great.

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