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Modernization Doesn't Require A Complex Migration

Easily upgrade your application from IBM® VisualAge® Smalltalk to the latest  VAST Platform and take advantage of hundreds of security enhancements, performance improvements, fixes, and new features.

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VisualAge Smalltalk Compatible

VAST is compatible with IBM® VisualAge® Smalltalk enabling fast and easy migration. Our up-to-date migration guide simplifies the process to get you up-and-running quickly in the latest version of the VAST Platform.

Protect Your Investment

IBM entrusted the long-term stability and servicing of VisualAge Smalltalk to Instantiations and we've honored that commitment through continued research, development, improvement, and support of the VAST Platform for more than 15 years.

Fully Supported by Engineers

The VAST Platform is supported by a team of software engineers that are not only experts with Smalltalk, but the other technologies and languages you might need too. Keep your mission-critical systems running efficiently with Instantiations' help.

Fast JIT Compiler

With low memory usage, and fast just-in-time (JIT) compilation, Instantiations' VAST virtual machine (VM) has been optimized for decades at this point, and is now much faster than the original VM from IBM.

64-bit Support

 Bypass the memory limits of 32-bit VisualAge with 32 and 64-bit versions of VAST for Windows® and various Linux® distros for both Intel®/AMD® and ARM®-based hardware.

Up-to-date Security

Avoid the security pitfalls of out-of-date software. VAST includes the latest cryptographic libraries, like OpenSSL® 3.0 (with FIPS support), and other advanced frameworks to help keep software secure and meeting current standards.

Deployment Flexibility

Develop your software from a single environment and easily deploy to on-premise servers, cloud services, and IoT devices with deployment image sizes that can be less than 1MB. VAST works with Docker®, Kubernetes®, and OpenShift® containers too.

Modern OS Support

Avoid running VisualAge on outdated (and insecure) operating systems like Windows XP. Stay up-to-date and safe with modern operating systems like Windows 11 and Server 2022.
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Access Hundreds of New Features, Frameworks, Libraries

Improve the performance and security of your VisualAge application, or simply make it easier to maintain with VAST's modern tooling. 
Type Analysis example

Type Analysis & Enhanced Code Completion

OsProcess code example using Ruby, Dart, Python, and Smalltalk

Multi-CPU Capable with FFI & OsProcess

HiDPI, More Native Widgets

HiDPI support in Windows-based environments provides crisp graphics on modern device screens, while native widgets provide a familiar look-and-feel for Windows and Linux without platform dependent code.

Integrated Compression

Unified compression API support for Zip, Zip64, Brotli, Lz4, Zstd, and Gzip for increased software performance and reduced memory footprints.
Unicode Examples

Unicode Support

Internationalization with new classes in VAST to provide first-class Unicode support and a comprehensive solution.

Added Database Support

Use Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite database drivers (as well as ODBC) that take advantage of RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems). Combine them with our ORM (Object Relational Mapper): GLORP. Compatible with Gemstone/S object-oriented databases.

Integrated Web Technologies

Inclusion of the Seaside web framework, REST, HTTPS, jQuery, AJAX, and several other web development technologies and tools will get your web project off the ground quickly.

Git-friendly Tooling

VAST now has Git-friendly integrated tooling. It's easy to use projects from our GitHub and the VAST Community Hub as well as file-based code from private and public repositories.

Modern Network Protocols

Powerful HTTP, IMAP, SMTP, FTP/FTPS, IBM MQ series, and LDAP/LDAPS clients are all included for superior connectivity with a powerful sockets API including full support for TCP/IP V4/V6 protocols.

More External Interfaces

Support for JSON, XML, CSV, COM (OLE, ACTIVEX), and STON (Smalltalk Object Notation). STON provides a lightweight, text-based object interchange in JSON format.

Easy migrations to VAST

Every release of the VAST Platform is evaluated for migration compatibility and any relevant changes are always added to our migration guide. This guide makes it easy to migrate from versions of IBM VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise as early as 3.0 to the latest version of the VAST Platform.

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We're here to help

We've found that upgrades from VisualAge to VAST aren't usually that difficult when using our migration guide, but we know some teams don't have the bandwidth for additional workload. When using our services, we'll create a transition plan and get your application migrated to VAST as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

No company is better suited for a migration from VisualAge to VAST than the developers of VAST itself.
VisualAge to VAST

Upgrade Any Version of VisualAge Smalltalk

Receive all the same benefits of purchasing a new VAST Platform license:

    • Perpetual license that never expires
    • No runtime fees, royalties, or hidden costs
    • Includes our 'Standard' Support Plan for 1 year
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[1] Volume discounts are available. 

Discover new possibilities with VAST.

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