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ESUG 2023 in Lyon, France

December 22, 2023

Greg Schultz
Vice President - Growth & Operations
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Instantiations has been a proud sponsor of ESUG's conferences for many years, and this year marked the post-pandemic return of Instantiations to ESUG with our attendance in Lyon.

This was my first ESUG conference, and I was quite impressed. The location, the presentations, and the interactions with various members of the community were awesome. For Mariano and I, it was a pleasure seeing Instantiations' customers face-to-face and getting to catch up with the community. Mariano even spearheaded some on-the-fly working sessions to give folks an in-person version of our VAST technical support.

Events like ESUG really illustrate to Instantiations why conferences are so important. We consistently get unique opportunities to engage with the community, see old friends, and make new ones.

ESUG 2023: Presentations

Instantiations gave 2 presentations at ESUG, both of which were recorded (see below). For those interested in the other presentations, check out ESUG's Youtube Channel Playlist.

Building Hybrid Applications with VAST and WebView2

It’s no longer a binary choice between native and web applications. Get the best of both worlds with VAST's latest integration with Microsoft Edge’s WebView2 framework. We’ll show you how to embed web content into VAST native applications and build hybrid systems with a number of interesting examples to guide you.

Instantiations Company Update & VAST 2024 Preview

Instantiations is committed to continuing investment in the VAST Platform and ongoing involvement with the Smalltalk community. Get an update on our progress, and see where we’re headed in the near future. Plus, get an overview of the features coming to VAST Platform 2024!

Together, we can build something great.

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