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Online Event: Getting Started with Tonel Tools In VAST

September 13, 2021

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Tonel is a text-based file format used to store Smalltalk source code on disk. In addition, it was designed from scratch to be version control system (VCS) friendly. It is widely accepted by the Smalltalk community at this point, so we saw an opportunity to augment ENVY (the standard VCS in VAST) with Tonel support for greater functionality and flexibility.

Development began on Tonel for VAST in September of 2019, and we officially started supporting it with the release of VAST Platform 2021 (10.0.0) on March 1, 2021.

We knew we wanted to help our VAST Platform users get up-to-speed on these new features quickly and easily, so on September 9, 2021, we hosted the webinar: "Getting Started with Tonel Tools in VAST."

The webinar discussed how to use the new Tonel Tools features with step-by-step instructions and practical examples. Using this webinar and Tonel for VAST documentation as a guide, it’s now easier to use file-based version control systems like Git, leverage tools like GitHub, and even port code from other Smalltalk dialects.

While most viewers can learn something new from watching this presentation, it's mostly geared towards VAST Platform developers and those in technical roles.


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Mariano Martinez Peck
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Esteban Maringolo
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Watch the webinar with Q&A session

2 hour runtime (1 hr presentation with 1 hr Q&A)

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