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A New VAST Support Experience

May 30, 2024

Greg Schultz
Vice President - Growth & Operations
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When we're speaking at various conferences held throughout the year, the topic of us "investing" in VAST comes up frequently. However, we're not only investing to improve the VAST software itself. We're also investing to improve one of the other main differentiators we have: our engineer-backed support. Our software and support are mutually essential to Instantiations' customers, and they continue to rely upon both.

VAST Support Portal screenshot

As a result, Instantiations has launched the VAST Support Portal to further enhance our support experience. While no complex software launch is without a hiccup, this new portal (an ITSM platform) has been running strong since its launch last week. We're quite pleased with the powerful and streamlined customer support experience that it's providing.

The VAST Support Portal was made possible through ITSM technology implemented during the launch of our new Fintech business unit. In fact, the technology that has been backing the Fintech support experience for the last 6 months is now powering VAST support also.

For those who didn't receive the initial email announcement (want to subscribe?) and need some background, the VAST Support Portal is a new website that houses everything related to VAST Platform technical support, documentation, and software downloads.

In this portal, users can:

  • Create/review support tickets and get technical help
  • Reference previously closed portal support tickets
  • Download licensed software
  • Request and download VAST trials
  • Start testing ECAP releases
  • Browse documentation
  • Access other helpful information, links, and resources

I encourage anyone who wants to check out the portal to "Sign up" for a free account, and start experiencing what the new VAST Support Portal has to offer.

Together, we can build something great.

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