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What's Next for the VAST Platform?

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VAST Platform 2025 (14.0.0)

The following features are planned for inclusion in VAST 2025, coming Q1 2025.
Roadmap items are subject to change based upon customer need. 

Virtual Machine Improvements

Code generator optimizations for ifNil:/ifNotNil:/ ifNil:ifNotNil:, upgraded command line argument processing, walkback dumping improvements, and an update to the most recent version of LLVM.
Unicode Examples

Unicode Library Enhancements

Inclusion of new string collation functionality, 
String/UnicodeString hashing improvements, and 
an update to the latest version of Unicode.

Full Unicode Integration in Seaside

Seaside to receive full Unicode functionality including, for example, both rendering and input of Unicode strings. Additionally, an update to the latest Seaside and Grease.

Better Unicode Dev Tool Support

When UTF-8 encoding is selected, the inspection and debugging of Unicode strings will be greatly improved.

Unicode support for XML

Proper management of Unicode within the XML libraries.

Official SQL Server Support via ODBC

While SQL Server was already accessible via ODBC, now, a full suite of tests will be used to validate functionality, and an SQL Server option for GLORP will exist also.

Multi-Monitor Support Improvements

Improvements continue to multi-monitor support for more productive usage of VAST.

OpenSSL Updated

Security improvements and updates will be included through an upgrade to the latest version of OpenSSL.

Dev Tool Enhancements

Select development tools are being enhanced to improve performance, usability, and productivity.

Integrate SortFunctions Library

Library that enables a user-friendly way to sort collections with a full set of utility classes and extension methods. 

TableWidget Improvements

General improvements to the TableWidget as well as further integration with WindowBuilder Pro.

GTK Work Continues for Linux

Our multi-year effort to support GTK on Linux continues to progress.

Possible Features for Future Releases

Many of the below items were collected from the previous Instantiations survey, but if you were unable to participate or if a feature you want is missing, please contact us at:

Language & Runtime

  • Native Apple M1/Intel and macOS Support
  • Support for new processor architectures like RISC-V

Core Libraries

  • Further Unicode integration (work in progress...)

Development Tools

  • Remote ENVY (Library) Access
  • Enhanced remote debugging support for runtime images
  • Updated code change detection and merge engine

User Interface & Visuals

  • GTK for Linux (work in progress...)
  • Updated GUI icons for the VAST IDE

Communications & Web Dev

  • Websockets
  • gRPC and HTTP/2
  • Improved REST framework (with native SST classes)
  • LSP support for connecting VAST to other dev environments like VS code
  • JOSE and JSON web tokens
  • Authorization/Authentication support (i.e. OAuth2.0, OpenID)
  • LDAP/LDAPS integration with Server Smalltalk


  • MySQL/MariaDB Support
  • NoSQL Support


  • Let us know what you'd like to see!

Version Control

  • Further Git functionality in VAST environment


  • Packager enhancements to simplify deployment

Additional Libraries

  • Let us know what you'd like to see!

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