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Instantiations offers the VAST Platform, support contracts, and additional consulting & development services.

Consulting & Development Services

Don't have enough bandwidth for an upcoming project? Instantiations is available to provide project guidance and software engineering services.

Contact us at sales@instantiations.com or 1-855-476-2558 (U.S. Toll Free) to get started.

How to the Order VAST (VA Smalltalk) Platform

VA Smalltalk enables software developers to create highly portable, scaleable, multi-tier business applications using object-oriented technology. Its applications fit easily into existing infrastructures and support the latest web application, database and operating system technologies.

Step 1Phone: Fax: Email:
1-855-476-2558 503-649-3836 (call first) sales@instantiations.com

Pricing for the VAST Platform

License is per developer, and it includes one year of upgrades, maintenance and technical support. 
Refer to the price list below.

Contact us for Individual and Small Business pricing.
Site License options are also available.
No runtime fees are ever required
for applications developed with these tools.

Support and Upgrade Renewal

(After First Year from Product Purchase) Price
If your Support contract is current and has not lapsed (price effective Jan. 1, 2015) $1,995
If your Support contract has lapsed within the last 90 days $3,295
If your Support contract lapsed more than 90 days ago, you are required to pay full price for the product, which will include 1 year of Base Support Call or Email for Pricing

Upgrades from IBM™ VisualAge® Smalltalk

Product Price
VA Smalltalk Upgrade from purchased license of IBM VisualAge Smalltalk version 6 and higher. $3,295
VA Smalltalk Upgrade from purchased license of IBM VisualAge Smalltalk older than version 6. $3,995

Special Pricing for Qualified Customers

Product Type Price
VA Smalltalk Qualified Educational Institution $0
Program »
VA Smalltalk Partner/ISV $0

New Product Licenses

Product Price
VA Smalltalk Call or Email for Pricing*
WidgetKit/Business Graphics $895
WidgetKit/Professional $895
WindowBuilderPro $895

*1 year of technical support, upgrades and maintenance is included with initial product purchase. Volume discounts are available, please contact sales@instantiations.com for details.

Pricing for WindowBuilder Pro Translation Toolkit

The WindowBuilder Pro Translation Toolkit is only sold on a site-license basis. It may be used by any number of developers connected to a single VisualAge repository for the purposes of converting the licensed number of screens. Additional conversion licenses must be purchased in order to convert more than 25 screens.

Qualified consultants wishing to use this tool with their clients should call 1-855-476-2558 for details or send e-mail to sales@instantiations.com.

License for WindowBuilder Pro Translation Toolkit Price
Base License Call or Email for Pricing
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