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Language & Runtime

Windows 11 ARM processor support

Building on VAST's support for ARM®-based Linux® distros, VAST is now officially supported on Windows® 11 ARM devices. Notably, this also extends to superior performance on Apple® computers with M-series processors where VAST 2023 can run virtualized without any emulation. 

Instantiations is keeping VAST ahead of the curve, so as ARM processors become more common (and perhaps predominant) in laptops, IoT devices, and cloud instances, VAST can continue providing a wide variety of deployment options to optimize efficiency and cost savings.
VAST on Windows for ARM

Timezone database update

Our timezone database was updated to the latest release of the IANA Time Zone Database: 2023b (2023-03-23). (As of 12.0.1)
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Core Libraries

Deeper Unicode integration

Instantiations continues to deliver more Unicode capabilities and deeper integrations of Unicode into the VAST Platform.

Updates to NeoJSON, NeoCSV, and STON now provide comprehensive Unicode support in VAST when using these data interchange formats.

Because of the existing optimizations in our Unicode framework, working with these formats continues to be fast and efficient, even with the added overhead of Unicode.
Deeper Unicode Integration

Unicode Standard, Version 15

Instantiations is committed to currency in Unicode to ensure we keep ahead of the curve when it comes to language support.

The latest version of Unicode (released Sept. 2022) is now integrated into VAST. This provides support for 4,489 new characters including: 2 new scripts, 20 new emojis, and 4,193 CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) ideographs.

See our Unicode documentation for a full review of this libraries' capabilities.
Unicode 15 available!
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Development Tools

3-Way diff improvements

The user experience of the 3-Way diff has been dramatically improved. 

Our standard Scintilla-based code editing and highlighting has been introduced to all panes more better readability and functionality.  Resizing of each of the panes is now possible, and the overall window can now be resized proportionally.

Additional updates include: text pane zooming, a "Next Difference" feature in the Scintilla contextual menus, and stream number labeling within the panes.
3 Way Diff Updates

Profiler improvements

The Profiler has also had look and feel improvements. It's now using Hi-DPI aware fonts and Scintilla-based code editors.

Additionally, an "Export Results" feature has been added to save the profiling output for sharing and further analysis.
Profiler Improvements

SUnit enhancements

SUnit has been enhanced to provide better support for automation. Logging of progress, errors, and failures to the transcript is now possible on a per TestCase level. Furthermore, the default logging target can be overridden. 
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User Interface & Visuals

Continued development on Windows table widget common control

Further improvements have occurred in the Windows table widget for better row and column data support in your application.

In addition to column resizing as introduced in VAST 2022, it's now possible to drag and drop columns to change their order.

Programmatic sorting is now supported, and updated APIs for this widget offer greater functionality and more possibilities.
Windows Table Widget Improvements

Hi-DPI improvements

More updates and fixes for Hi-DPI have been added in this release to address the complexities of multiple monitors with varying pixel densities and zoom factors.

Menu icon support

Support for icons has been added to dropdown menus for a more visually-oriented navigation experience. (As of 12.0.1)
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Communications & Web Dev

MQTT client, v3 and v5

MQTT is a lightweight communication protocol that’s a close relative of IBM® MQSeries. With many Instantiations customers already using MQSeries, it was a logical choice to bring the power of MQTT to VAST Platform 2023. 

Our new enterprise-grade and extensible MQTT client, written in pure Smalltalk, has support for version 3, 3.11, and 5 protocols. All protocol details are handled internally by the software and run over traditional TLS or non-TLS native sockets. Even VAST's new asynchronous streams are already integrated for easy consumption of publish/subscription updates.
MQTT Client, v3, v5

New LDAP capabilities

New options exist to limit the number of results in a query. Avoid retrieving unnecessary data from the network, or raise exceptions if the number of results exceed your defined limit.
New LDAP Capabilities
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Secure LDAP (LDAPS) support

Secure LDAP is now supported. By leveraging our existing OpenSSL® 3.0 capabilities, LDAPS over SSL/TLS is now possible.
Secure LDAP
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Version Control

Tonel Tools framework expanded and improved

This release of Tonel Tools includes improved support for ENVY access control when dealing with multi-owner/developer applications. 

Better prerequisite calculation and change detection has been added to avoid loading or writing unnecessary changes.

Additionally, some minor updates and fixes were made. 

See the full list on GitHub.
Tonel Release for 12.0.0
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Additional Libraries

NeoCSV, NeoJSON, STON updates

Tonel Tools were used to update to the latest versions of these frameworks. Additionally, Unicode support was then implemented in them. 
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