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VAST Platform 2023 (All Versions) Readme

VAST Platform 2023 (All Versions) Readme

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Welcome to the VAST Platform
What's New in VAST?
News, Technical Tips, and Product Updates
Distributed Files
Migration Guide
Corrections and Enhancements (12.0.0)

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Welcome to the VAST Platform

Design it. Build it. Deploy it.
Create object-oriented software that’s stable, easy to maintain, and deploys smoothly — all from the same comprehensive development environment.

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What's New in VAST?

Language & Runtime
-Windows 11 ARM processor support

Core Libraries
-Deeper Unicode integration
-Unicode, version 15

Development Tools
-3-Way diff and profiler improvement
-SUnit enhancements

User Interface & Visuals
-Continued development on Windows table widget common control
-Hi-DPI improvements

Communications & Web Dev
-MQTT client, v3 and v5
-New LDAP capabilities

-Secure LDAP (LDAPS) support

Version Control
-Tonel Tools framework expanded and improved

Additional Libraries
-NeoCSV, NeoJSON, STON updates

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News, Technical Tips, and Product Updates

Go to '' and follow us on social media for the latest information about the VAST Platform and Instantiations.

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Distributed Files

Product Installer
The product installer installs the Client and Manager components of the VAST product as well as a development IDE setup tool. The Client component contains the VAST development IDE. The Manager component contains the VAST library (source code repository) file and the EMSRV code used to access the repository file in a team environment.

Documentation Archive
Uncompress the documentation archive to get a local copy of the VAST documentation onto your workstation.

VAST Runtime
This is the runtime support needed for deploying Smalltalk applications developed using VAST. There is no formal install program for the VAST Runtime. You simply unpack the runtime files and add your packaged VAST application into the resulting directory structure. You must download and unpack the correct VAST Runtime package for your operating system. The files needed to include at runtime are listed in Redistributable Runtime Files. (

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Run the downloaded VAST Platform Product Installer for your platform. Complete installation instructions, such as how to set up EMSRV, can be found in the Installation Guide. The Installation Guide can be read online at ( within the main VAST Documentation link, or locally after you unpack the VAST Platform Documentation Archive.

If you are doing a Custom install, to install the Manager on a different machine than the Client(s), we recommend you install the Manager first. Once you have installed the Manager and the Client, refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions on how to use the Environments tool to configure your environment so you can launch VAST. If you are using the headless installer to install the Manager alone, make sure the directory into which you want to install the manager has been created before starting the headless install. Refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions.

Uncompress the downloaded VAST Product Installer for your platform. Choose whether you would like to install the full standalone product, or just the client or manager configuration. Before running the Product installer, change directory to where vainstall is.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall standalone in a terminal. sudo ./vainstall also installs standalone.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall manager in a terminal.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall client in a terminal.

Complete installation instructions, such as how to set up EMSRV, can be found in the Installation Guide. The Installation Guide can be read online at ( within the main VAST Documentation link, or locally after you unpack the VAST Platform Documentation Archive. If you are doing a Custom install, to install the Manager on a different machine than the Client(s), we recommend you install the Manager first.

Note: There are special steps for installing on Linux which are documented in the Installation Guide.
Once you have installed the Manager and the Client, refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions on how to use the Environments tool
to configure your environment so you can launch VAST.

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Migration Guide

If you have a version of VAST already installed, please refer to the Migration Guide for important information before using this version of VAST.
The Migration Guide can be read online at ( as HTML or pdf format. It can also be read locally if you installed local documentation.

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Corrections and Enhancements (12.0.0)

Case Title
----- ----------------------------------------------------------
63585 [Development Tools] Add "Needing Versioning" view mode to Configuration Maps Browser
63595 [Development Tools] Improve "Browse Changes" to take into account Config Expressions subapps
64595 [Development Tools] Allow EsbSampler to save all the profiler results into a file
65453 [Development Tools] Use Scintilla for code panes in 3 Way Diff
65636 [User Interface & Visuals] Optimize HiDPI support
65694 [User Interface & Visuals] HiDPI-125%-Columns in tables get shifted and text smudging can occur when scrolling horizontal, then vertical
65807 [Communications & Web Dev] Add SSL capability to EsLdapApp
65968 [User Interface & Visuals] extraneous horizontal line or bolding of line in 'grid'
65969 [User Interface & Visuals] HiDPI caveat with headingEtched
67244 [User Interface & Visuals] Window GDI handle leak for CwTool and CwButton
67538 [Language & Runtime] Bug in EsScanner>>readNumber when scanning $e to build float representations
68502 [User Interface & Visuals] Fix walkback opening CwTreeViewExample in a 64-bit image
70863 [Additional Libraries] Update STON to latest version and add support to Unicode input/output
71888 [Additional Libraries] Update NeoJSON to handle Unicode components
71911 [VAST Installation] Uninstaller uninstalls VAST dependencies but it can potentially break existing dependents
71944 [Development Tools] Improve EsbSampler look and feel
71973 [Development Tools] Add "next difference" to 3 Way Diff panels
71974 [Development Tools] 3 Way Diff upper panels should use full width
71981 [Documentation] Document the new vauninstall command line switch --remove-required-packages
71982 [User Interface & Visuals] Add proportional column width support to EwTableList
71985 [Development Tools] 3 Way Diff should show stream number at the bottom panels
71992 [VAST Installation] Runtimes have "1100" as names but installers have "11.0.0"
72007 [Development Tools] Incorporate proportional column resizing into 3 way differences browser
72014 [User Interface & Visuals] Add nil resizeX test into EwTableColumnMapper>>#resizeButtonRelease:
72018 [Development Tools] Allow user to 'zoom' either of the three text panes of the 3-way differences browser
72019 [Development Tools] Text panes are marked changed and popup the save your changes dialog when closing the 3-way diff browser
72021 [User Interface & Visuals] Add expand All/collapse all to EwTableList
72022 [Development Tools] Enable 3way diff browser to use EwTreeList expand all / collapse all feature
72084 [Development Tools] Unify the "Help" menu items
72086 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT packet framework compatible with v3, v3.1.1, v5
72087 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT packet serialization/deserialization
72088 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT v5 user properties
72093 [Development Tools] Environments walkback when a known Installation (release) is uninstalled
72095 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT Authenticate Packet specification
72098 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT Ping Packet specification
72099 [Core Libraries] Implement an EsEventBus using the EsStream framework
72102 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT Disconnect Packet specification
72103 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT Connect Packet specification
72104 [Development Tools] Add option to sort applications by its timestamp
72113 [Core Libraries] Delete app EsCodePageUtilitiesApp from "ENVY/Image Base"
72114 [Core Libraries] Add "EsEventBusApp" to kernel.ic
72123 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT Logging
72125 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement SST/MQTT Url support
72132 [User Interface & Visuals] fix walkback adding an item with an image to a table at creation time
72133 [Development Tools] Update ' Tools' to version AvO.30
72137 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT Publish Packet specification
72138 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT Subscribe Packet specification
72139 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement MQTT Unsubscribe Packet specification
72141 [Communications & Web Dev] Test SST/MQTT Client
72142 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement SST/MQTT Client
72143 [Deployment] EmImageManager newImageWithPropertiesFrom: does not handle Features with $( or $) chars in the name
72144 [Communications & Web Dev] Fix incorrect comments in SstEmailExamples app
72145 [Communications & Web Dev] Fix comments in Ftp applications where 'mail' is referenced
72151 [Core Libraries] Fix OsNativeProcess>>#free - No implementors of #cancelled
72155 [Version Control] Update Tonel feature to its latest version (1.5.7)
72157 [Core Libraries] Fix "NLS Warning (VA). Missing 103 in group 'AbtNlsTraMsgGrp'."
72165 [Development Tools] Fix some typos in StsPowerTools
72178 [Communications & Web Dev] Fix concurrency issue that produces multiple process instances for the HTTP connection checker
72183 [Communications & Web Dev] SstSslSocketConnections missing necessary override for streamed connection support
72191 [Communications & Web Dev] Improvements to SstHttpClient when used with #receiveTimeout:
72192 [Communications & Web Dev] Create MQTT features maps
72193 [Communications & Web Dev] Sst Mail feature should not depend on HTTP but on SST base
72198 [Core Libraries] Deprecate EsString>>isLatin1
72199 [Core Libraries] Create DBString>>isAscii fallback
72207 [Core Libraries] Add #codePoint: APIs to Grapheme and UnicodeScalar
72216 [Additional Libraries] Update NeoJSON to the latest version
72218 [Additional Libraries] Update NeoCSV to support Unicode
72222 [Core Libraries] GraphemeView does not understand bookmark
72225 [Communications & Web Dev] Integrate contributed Unicode Support changes into Seaside/Grease
72226 [Core Libraries] Implement digitValue in Grapheme and UnicodeString
72229 [Core Libraries] Character>>#digitValue should also work with lowercase letters
72232 [Core Libraries] Implement asScaledDecimal in UnicodeString
72233 [Core Libraries] UnicodeString subStrings: aCharacter fails
72234 [Core Libraries] Implement UnicodeString>>#asNumber
72235 [Core Libraries] Add WriteStream>># <<
72241 [Core Libraries] Implement in EsString the dispatch of equality comparison against UnicodeString
72242 [Core Libraries] Implement in Character the dispatch of equality comparison against Graphemes
72249 [Communications & Web Dev] Modify SstUrl class>>#parserFor: to support UnicodeStrings
72250 [Core Libraries] Add UnicodeString>>#abtAsInteger
72252 [Additional Libraries] Latest STON must depend on SstCommunications
72255 [Communications & Web Dev] Modify WAServerManager>>#default to support instances of its subclasses
72257 [User Interface & Visuals] Add attribute instance variable to CwTableColumn
72260 [Development Tools] EtCodeWindow is an empty class extension in EtBaseToolsWin subapp
72261 [Additional Libraries] CfsPath and EsOrderedDictionary have empty class extensions in STONCoreApp
72262 [Development Tools] StsConfirmationDialog and StsPreferencesWindow are empty class extensions in StsPowerToolsWin subapp
72265 [Communications & Web Dev] Fix failing and expected failure tests in NeoJSON and Seaside
72277 [Core Libraries] Remove senders of #isLatin1 and #isLatin1:
72279 [Deployment] Some Unicode classes should be considered as required by the packager
72288 [Communications & Web Dev] Implement LDAP search in terms of ldap_search_ext()
72292 [Core Libraries] Update to Unicode 15
72297 [Communications & Web Dev] PlatformFunction GPF when calling LDAP in Linux
72305 [Additional Libraries] Add UnicodeString support to Regex
72307 [Core Libraries] Become String into UnicodeString when attempting to put a Grapheme via at:put:
72309 [Development Tools] Sunit - Make Logging (isLogging) a class instvar instead of a hardcoded method on TestAsserter
72316 [Core Libraries] Move Character>>to: into Kernel/CLDT and add Grapheme>>#to:
72319 [Development Tools] SUnit - make Sunit log target configurable
72320 [Language & Runtime] For Linux, remove obsolete ftime() calls
72323 [Development Tools] SunitBrowser - add progress logging
72329 [Development Tools] SUnit - Add error logging to capture exceptions encountered while running test cases
72336 [Core Libraries] The number of decimal digits when printing Floats should be configurable
72346 [Additional Libraries] CSV, JSON and STON failing tests in Linux due to codepage and line separators
72347 [Core Libraries] Move String class>>#lf/#cr/#crlf to EsString
72348 [Development Tools] Empty class extensions in StsPowerToolsMotif
72353 [Core Libraries] Implement EsString>>#escaped
72356 [Communications & Web Dev] Improve exception handling when connection fails on MQTT
72359 [Deployment] AutomatedBuildSupport new API to avoid nil arguments
72363 [Communications & Web Dev] #receiveTimeout not working properly on Linux with OpenSSL
72369 [Communications & Web Dev] For Linux, setsockopt/getsockopt with options of timeval type (ex.,SORCVTIMEO) uses truncated data
72381 [Development Tools] Add whileTrue/whileFalse retry/timeout loops to blocks to help with SUint timing issues
72387 [Core Libraries] Fix remaining senders of the removed #abrAsClass
72388 [User Interface & Visuals] "UI Assistant" window out of screen
72389 [Core Libraries] Improve Float digits printing
72390 [Databases] AbtOdbcDatabaseConnection>>#getInfo:buffer:ifError: uses unnecessary wrapping of errorBlock
72394 [Databases] AbtDriverInfoDBViewer crashes the VM
72407 [Documentation] Update documentation of Virtual machine options for 64bit systems
72418 [Version Control] Remove ENVY/Image Development as required map of the z.ST: Tonel Support feature map
72434 [Communications & Web Dev] SeasideRESTExamplesApp should only be included in 'Seaside REST Examples' config map
72470 [Core Libraries] Remove deprecated classes AbtBase64Coder and SstBase64Coder
72471 [Communications & Web Dev] #sstBase64Encoded should use Base64Coder instead of Base64CoderMime
72472 [Development Tools] For Windows, Transcript>Help>VAST Online Documentation opens Microsoft Edge by default
72492 [Core Libraries] Fix EsTzFileLoader to allow isgmtcnt or isstdcnt to be 0 as specified by the RFC
72497 [VAST Installation] For Windows, old Instantiations/VA Smalltalk Logo in "File in use" uninstall Dialog
72516 [Communications & Web Dev] Fix prim failure in attribute retrieval in LDAP search
72535 [Core Libraries] Optimize UTF-8 validation using SIMD instructions on aarch64
72536 [Language & Runtime] Update libffi to 3.4.4
72550 [Core Libraries] Add collectionSpecies and collectionClass to CfsFileStream
72573 [Language & Runtime] Fix a Windows Intel regression in jit performance due to changes in templates format

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(C) Copyright Instantiations Inc. 2005, 2023. All rights reserved.

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