Historical IBM® Goodies

Instantiations provides some sample code and utilities (referred to as "Goodies") to you for your use free of charge, subject to certain terms and conditions, which apply no matter how you may have obtained the Code.  These "Goodies" are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

Goodies for earlier versions of VisualAge Smalltalk.

Library Browser

Utility to view the contents of a VAST repository. Learn more »

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A set of parts that allows you to include multimedia files in your application Learn more »

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Notebook Settings View

The Notebook Settings Views Goodie allows VisualAge Smalltalk developers to switch between the current property settings or the former notebook settings views when double-clicking on a composition editor part. Learn more »

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Object Extender

Persistence framework. Learn more »

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Process Peek

Snapshots information about all of the sockets that are currently managed by your Smalltalk application and also information about all current processes.

Available at VAStGoodies.com under AbxProcessPeek configuration map.

Available at VAStGoodies.com

Remote UI

SST Remote Workspace and File Dialog.
Learn more »

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Smalltalk Exchange

The Smalltalk Exchange Web service is a multi-tiered application that demonstrates interoperability between Smalltalk and Java using Web services.  Learn more »

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Smalltalk Memory Consumption Analysis  (keStats)

Memory Consumption Analysis Discussion with demo Smalltalk Memory Monitor. Learn more »

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Extends the Server Smalltalk (SST) web application server to support for Java Server Pages (JSP), with Smalltalk as the JSP scripting language.    Learn more »

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SST Workload Balancer

Sample work load balancer for TCP Transport Programming Learn more »

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Tivoli connection

Components for enabling development of VisualAge applications that are Tivoli management-ready Learn more »

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Ultra Light Client (ULC)

Tool to support deployment of thin clients which manage the presentation portion of an application. Learn more »

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Visualization tools

The Visualization Tools enable you to analyze object activity and interaction. Learn more »

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Web Services Quick Tester

Demonstration of quick test of a Web service. A GUI is created from the WSDL and user-supplied inputs are serialized into SOAP messages. Learn more »

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Workspace Browser

Views multiple browsers in one window. Learn more »

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Xalan-C++ open source XSLT processor Wrapper

Simple interface to the Xalan-C++ library functions. Learn more »

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