What's New in VA Smalltalk

What’s New in Version 9.2?

Major performance increase with all new just-in-time (JIT) compiler for 32 and 64-bit virtual machines!
  • Platform:
    • AArch64 joins the ARM family lineup*
    • Major FFI performance increases
    • Support for returning struct-by-value in FFI
    • Transitioned to latest Clang compiler for Windows
    • Updated LLVM code generator
    • Walkback generator provides more useful information and pluggability
    • Updated virtual machine C-interface
  • Base Libraries:
    • CSV support
    • STON support
    • Many APIs added for dialect portability
  • Graphics:
    • Full HiDPI support on Windows
    • Scintilla editor fonts use DirectWrite (GPU-accelerated rendering) by default
    • 20x speedup in PNG reading
    • PNG interlaced frame handling support
    • Updated look-and-feel of the Windows application icon, Environments banner, and splash screens
  • Unicode:
    • Kernel-level EsCodePageUtilities with enhanced Unicode conversion
    • Seaside Unicode updates
    • Grease UTF-8 enhancements
    • Iconv updates for Unix
    • Zip streams UTF-8 support for file names and comments
  • Compression:
    • Brotli compression streams
    • ZStandard compression streams
  • Communications:
    • New IMAP client
    • New SMTP client
    • SASL authentication framework
    • Mail examples
    • SstHttpClient support for HTTP requests (PUT, DELETE...)
    • Absolute/relative redirect support for SstHttpClient
    • SNI support for SstHttpClient
    • Seaside improvements
  • Security:
    • LibreSSL compatibility
    • Probabilistic Signature Schemes (RSA-PSS)
    • Server name indication support
  • Databases:
    • Native PostgreSQL driver
    • PostgreSQL database abstraction layer integration
    • GLORP updates
  • Development Tools:
    • Cross-development enhancements (XD)
    • SstDebugger now supports reading .sdf files
    • MonticelloImporter loading enhancements
    • SUnit enhancements
  • EMSRV:
    • Improvements to PAM authentication
  • Deployment:
    • Dynamic packaging rules using static code analysis for warning reduction
    • Significant reduction of packaging warnings on shipped apps
    • Seaside packaging works out-of-the-box
  • VAST Environments Launcher:
    • Copy installations to new location
    • Move Environments to a new location
    • Default editor/file explorer identifier for Linux
  • Documentation:
    • Seaside headless packaging examples in server guide
    • Stack dumping and remote debugging with Seaside documentation
    • Updated migration guide
  • Research/Development and Open Source Projects:
    • TensorFlow machine learning for VAST (tensorflow-vast on Github)
    • Git support for VAST with Tonel interchange (tonel-vast on Github)
    • Git/Tonel examples (tonel-demos on Github)
    • Docker examples (docker-examples on Github)
    • Pigpio bindings for VAST (pigpio-vast on Github)
    • Pharo to VAST porting tool (pharo2va on Github)
    • Eclipse MQTT Paho client for VAST (paho-mqtt-vast on Github)
*Beta feature: contact us for more details

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