VAST Platform (VA Smalltalk)

Proven Power and Productivity

VAST enables software developers to create highly portable, scalable, multi-tier business applications using object-oriented technology. Its applications fit easily into existing infrastructures and support the latest web application, database and operating system technologies.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-art virtual machine technology utilizing the well-known LLVM compiler infrastructure for fast just-in-time (JIT) compilation
  • Native 64-bit support enabling applications to access dramatically larger amounts of memory
  • Compatible with IBM® VisualAge® Smalltalk enabling fast and easy migration and upgrades
  • Modern, up-to-date operating system support
  • Comprehensive integrated development environment and deployment tools
  • Enhanced IDE with Scintilla code editor, code assist, tabbed browsers, native platform widgets, and more
  • Powerful VA Assist™ ergonomic and productivity enhancements and Integrated WidgetKit™ custom controls
  • Seaside support for the current release of the Seaside Core, REST, HTTPS, jQuery, Scriptaculous, RSS, and several other development tools
  • Powerful HTTP, IMAP, SMTP and LDAP clients
  • Libraries for Regex, JSON, CSV and STON (Smalltalk data-interchange format)
  • Enhanced web services, including support of document literal wrapped style and SOAP 1.2
  • Compression framework including support for DEFLATE, GZip, Zip, LZ4, Brotli and ZStandard
  • Cryptographic bindings with enhanced SSL/TLS support and UUID generators
  • Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite native database drivers (as well as ODBC Driver)
  • GLORP support lets you easily read and write Smalltalk objects from relational databases

Transition from VisualAge Smalltalk (from IBM) to VA Smalltalk (from Instantiations)

In 2005, Instantiations assumed responsibility for ongoing development of the VisualAge Smalltalk technology base. The result was a new, modernized, VisualAge-based product called VA Smalltalk. Since it's VisualAge compatible, this ensures existing IBM VisualAge Smalltalk customer business needs and requirements are met.

VA Smalltalk version 7.0 was the first version from Instantiations, and its features were the same as VisualAge Smalltalk 6.0.3, to promote easy porting from VisualAge to VA Smalltalk. In addition, starting with v7.0, the following add-on products were incorporated into the main product:

  • VA Assist to modernize VAST IDE. Learn more »
  • WidgetKit/Controls to allow customers to build more sophisticated UIs. Learn more »
  • GF/ST to allow customers to build more sophisticated UIs. Learn more »
What about support? VA Smalltalk comes with 12 months of full support and upgrades, which can be renewed annually.
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