Instantiations is dedicated to providing the industry's most powerful and commercially viable Smalltalk development environment with VA Smalltalk™. VA Smalltalk enables software engineers to quickly construct high quality software applications that are portable, high-performance, scalable, and simple to maintain. Build and deploy dynamic e-business web services solutions. VA Smalltalk is a modern, high-productivity software development environment that is IBM VisualAge® Smalltalk compatible.


Smalltalk IDE


Smalltalk Add-Ons

VAST (VA Smalltalk™)

VA Smalltalk enables software developers to create highly portable, scalable, multi-tier business applications using object-oriented technology. Its applications fit easily into existing infrastructures and support the latest web application, database and operating system technologies.

WindowBuilder™ Pro

WindowBuilder Pro (WBPro) is a power tool that greatly enhances the process and results of building user interfaces for VA Smalltalk. WBPro lets you interactively create, place, and edit user interface controls in your Smalltalk applications. As you interactively build your application you can experiment freely and easily tune and perfect your UI.

WidgetKit/Business Graphics

WidgetKit/Business Graphics is a library of graphic components. It gives you a wide variety of charts and graphs for your Windows applications. You get 50 standard and 21 3D chart types. All of the charts have printing and metafile support. WidgetKit/Business Graphics uses the Presentation Graphics SDK, also used in Corel Chart, Macromedia Action and others.


WidgetKit/Professional is a library of powerful spreadsheets, tables, and other components. You get a spreadsheet with power similar to Excel®, a virtual spreadsheet, data aware validation components, multi-column display, and others. A spreadsheet designer makes it easy to get the look and functionality you want. The spreadsheets have print and storage capability.

WindowBuilder Pro Translation Toolkit

The WindowBuilder Pro Translation Toolkit allows you to move existing Visual Smalltalk window definitions to VA Smalltalk.



Business Journal Award

Portland Business Journal Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies for 5 consecutive years – winner of Lighthouse Award

SD Times Award

SD Times 100 – Top 100 Software Development Innovator 2007-2009


"VA Smalltalk met our expectations from day one. We were able to build the core of our ERP System with less than 10 developers in only two years. The productivity of the team has been much better than anticipated.”

Florian Bernauer,
Chief Executive Officer,
maxess systemhaus gmbh