WidgetKit Professional

WidgetKit/Professional is a library of powerful spreadsheets, tables, and other components. You get a spreadsheet with power similar to Excel, a virtual spreadsheet, data aware validation components, multi-column display, and others. A spreadsheet designer makes it easy to get the look and functionality you want. The spreadsheets have print and storage capability.

Here are some sample spreadsheets:

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits of WidgetKit/Professional include:

  • Spreadsheet Part
  • Virtual Spreadsheet Parts
  • Table Editor
  • Spreadsheet Printer
  • Multi-column List Mode
  • Spreadsheet Designer
  • Object-aware Parts
  • Data-Aware Entry Fields

WidgetKit/Professional has a hierarchy of spreadsheet parts:

  • WkBasicTablePart displays a matrix of cells containing strings. Use the advanced features common to all of the spreadsheet parts (see below). The spreadsheet designer makes it easy.
  • WkDataAwareTablePart adds the ability to display and interact with typed data. Ten specialized editors (TbXXCellType) provide flexible validation and formatting. The cell types can be a button, check box, combo box, date, float, integer, masked edit, picture, string, static text, customizable string, or time. You get control over the allowable values with a flexible protocol.
  • WkSpreadsheetPart provides all the capability of the data-aware table part and adds the ability to support formulas in numeric cells.
  • WkObjectAwareSpreadsheetPart adds the ability to populate the spreadsheet with arbitrary objects that are instances of domain classes. For example, each row might be an instance of a Customer, with each attribute, name, address, and so on displayed in a column.

Features for all Spreadsheets

Each of the Spreadsheets can save and read spreadsheet properties and data to files and load from files, validate and change the properties, signal events, support printing, support virtual data management (reading in only a portion of the data into cells, validate and change the spreadsheet), and import and export tab-delimited data. A sample of the specific capabilities include control of gridlines, scroll bars, cursor, column and row headers, setting number of rows and columns, resizing of columns and rows, freezing rows and columns, autosizing, single and multiple selection, printing, and printing pagebreaks.

Data-Aware Parts

Five of the nine cell types are also available as specialized editors to provide a wide variety of powerful input validation controls. You get date, float, integer, masked edit, and time. Most of these parts allow you to choose between several presentation styles.

Spreadsheet Designer, and More

A WYSIWYG spreadsheet designer makes it easy to get the look and behavior you want. WK/Pro uses DLLs to provide high performance controls. The Smalltalk classes are tuned for speed too.