WidgetKit/Business Graphics

WidgetKit/Business Graphics is a library of graphic components. It gives you a wide variety of charts and graphs for your applications. You get 50 standard and 21 3D chart types. All of the charts have printing and metafile support. WidgetKit/Business Graphics uses the Presentation Graphics SDK, also used in Corel Chart, Macromedia Action and others.

Whether you build your applications with WindowBuilder Pro or the VA Composition Editor, you’ll gain a polished look.

Printing and metafile support are provided for all charts via a programmatic interface. Autoscaling is provided for all appropriate charts and can be overridden if desired. There are many additional options; horizontal and vertical charting, on-screen editing, statistical and curve fitting function, and more. Use chart templates to give a consistent look. The 3D charts are true 3D, with 360 degree rotation, axis resizing, and zoom. Log-log, BiPolar, and Dual-Y zoom. Log-log, BiPolar, and Dual-Y element in a graph is interactively selectable. This can be used to provide a drill-down capability.

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits of WidgetKit/Business Graphics include:

  • Interactive Graph Designer
  • Pie, Bar, Line and Area Graphs
  • 2-D and 3-D Graphs
  • Direct Manipulation
  • Printing Support
  • Metafile Support
  • Chart Templates

Some examples of windows generated with WidgetKit/BusinessGraphics include:

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Version History

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