Full Stack IoT Development
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Custom Software Solutions: Concept, Design, Implementation, Deployment

Throughout various partnerships and acquisitions with companies like IBM® and Google®, Instantiations has continued to maintain and expand the VAST (VA Smalltalk) Platform, which provides mission critical software for both small companies and enterprise-grade applications across the globe. Today, the VAST Platform has grown to support both Intel and ARM-based (32-bit, 64-bit) systems, which enables solution development for most IoT hardware available in the market today.

Instantiations’ primary development tool is the VAST software platform: an ideal mix of features for productivity and functionality that were originally developed for enterprise-grade systems, but are still highly-suitable for IoT environments.

Instantiations has additional development expertise with:

  • Python®
  • Java®
  • C / C++
  • Assembly
  • Virtual Machine Implementations
  • Dynamic Language Runtimes
  • Code Generator Creation
Raspberry Pi: One of the devices Instantiations can develop software for.