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Instantiations is a recognized industry leader in the area of Smalltalk technology, tools and services, with its VA Smalltalk™ product line. Based in Portland, OR with development facilities in Raleigh, NC, Instantiations was first founded by a team of internationally-recognized pioneers in Smalltalk and component-software technology.

Instantiations and its predecessor companies have partnered with IBM to advance and advocate for Smalltalk for well over two decades. Since 2005, Instantiations has led the development and support of VA Smalltalk, continuing to modernize and enhance the product line, as well as offer world class support.

Products include VA Smalltalk, which is 100% IBM VisualAge® Smalltalk compatible and has thousands of active users worldwide, as well as WindowBuilder Pro for Smalltalk.

Company milestones

  • Development of the first commercial version of Smalltalk in 1984 (by co-founders while at Tektronix)
  • Development of the Visual Smalltalk Enterprise in 1992 (while at Digitalk, Inc.)
  • Release of VA Assist Pro for VisualAge Smalltalk in 1998 (the most popular add-on product ever produced for VisualAge Smalltalk)
  • Acquisition of world-wide rights to the IBM VisualAge Smalltalk product in 2005.
  • VA Smalltalk v8.0 released in 2009
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Instantiations continues to form strong relationships with many technology and reseller partners around the world, and is an Advanced level IBM Business Partner.

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Professional Services and Educational Offerings

Instantiations has one of the most experienced teams of Smalltalk software experts in the world, and offers consulting services, including custom engineering, training and more to companies of all sizes.

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