Version History for VA Smalltalk from Instantiations

Features introduced in each release are listed below.

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Version History since 7.0

8.6.2 (released November 30, 2015)

    GUI Look-and-Feel
    • New PNG Support
    • Inflate/deflate
    Development Tools
    • Multi-lingual Workspace Support
    • Workspace performance optimization
    • SQLite 3
    • Glorp 8.1-7
    • SqlLite3/GLORP integration
    Cryptographic Support
    • OpenSSL 1.0.0
    Web Interface
    • Grease 1.2/Seaside 3.2.0
    • Seaside REST
    • Seaside HTTPS
    Native Interface Support Enhancements
    • 32/64-bit OSObject framework
    • AIX RPM installers
    • Documentation in separate install on AIX
    • Multi-installation support in Environments
    • Windows 10
    • Ubuntu 15.04
    • Fedora 22
    • On-line version of ENVY/QA
    • Updated Migration Guide

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8.6.1 (released November 13, 2014)

    GUI Look-and-Feel
    • Scintilla performance improvements
    • Dead key support
    Development Tools
    • Many Code Assist enhancements
      • Interactive refactoring
      • Interactive Lint Checker
    • EMSRV 2GB Linux file size limit removed
    • Improved TabbedBrowser visual feedback
    • Expanded Scintilla capability
    • Monticello Importer on all platforms
    • Full SQLite3 support on all platforms
    • GLORP 7.10.1-3
    • Improved HostVariable Support
    Web Interface
    • Grease 1.1.6/Seaside 3.1.1
    • SOAP 1.2
    • Seaside packaging support
    • Seaside-REST support
    • Linux .DEB/.RPM installers
    • Windows Installer Improvements
    • Environments image setup tool supports environment cloning
    • Ubuntu 14.04
    • Fedora Core 20
    • Rewritten/expanded Getting Started book
    • Updated Migration Guide
    • CwScintillaEditor examples and documentation
    • Full .zip/.gz support on all platforms
    • Portable Color class

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8.6 (released September 6, 2013)

    Development Tools
    • GLORP XD feature
    • Seaside XD feature
    • Scintilla-based browsers (Windows only)
    • Multi Undo/Redo (Windows only)
    • One-Shot Breakpoints
    • TimeZone Support
    GUI Look-and-Feel
    • Scintilla Text Editor Widget (Windows only)
    • DateAndTimePicker Windows CommonControl enhanced
    • GLORP currency (7.9.1-4)
    • GLORP HostVar support
    • Windows 8.1
    • Ubuntu 13.04, Fedora Core 19
    Web Interface
    • Seaside 3.0.8 / Grease 1.0.7
    • SST Servlet multipart forms
    • InstallShield installer on Windows compatible with UAC
    • Documentation is separate install
    • Integrated install, uninstall, repair on windows

    Environments image setup/management tool

    • Windows 8.1
    • Fedora 19
    • Ubuntu 13

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8.5.2 (released September 18, 2012)

    Development Tools
    • Code Assist improvements
    • IC Packaging Instructions for Seaside
    • Monticello Importer tool
    • Time Zone Support
    GUI Look-and-Feel
    • Rebar Windows CommonControl improvements
    • GLORP currency 0.4.190
    • Windows 8
    • Ubuntu 12
    Performance and Scalability
    • Faster VA Assist browser WAN performance
    • Documentation and FAQs searchable with Google

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8.5.1 (released March 16, 2012)

    Development Tools
    • Code Assist Improvements
    • SUnit Expected Failures
    • Logging Framework Improvements
    • Preference Settings Framework Improvements
    Graphics and Windowing
    • Windows Control for Date and time picking
    • Full featured Windows Progress Bar
    Web Interface Platforms
    • Fedora Core 16
    • Ubuntu 11
    • OpenSUSE 12.1
    • Glorp 0.3.182+
    Performance and Scalability
    • SST Lightweight Marshaling Improvements
    • 60+ bug fixes and minor enhancements

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8.5 (released August 26, 2011)

    Development Tools
    • Code Assist (auto-completion)
    •  Logging Framework (based on log4j)
    • Preference Settings Framework
    • Deprecation Exception
    Graphics and Windowing
    • Windows Rebar Control
    • TIFF CCITT T.4 bi-level encoding
    Web Interface Platforms
    • Windows 2000 no longer supported
    • 60+ bug fixes and minor enhancements

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8.0.3 (released January 31, 2011)

Web Interface
Support for Seaside v3.0.2
Improved WSDL schema import diagnostic

Graphical User Interface
Added CwMultiLineTexttPrompter

Development Tools
NLS Application Enabler Tool
NLS Catalog (.CAT) Editor
Browser performance improvements

Platform Interface
Added TzSpecificLocalTimeToSystemTime PlatformFunction on Windows
All Windows .EXE and .DLL files have function-specific descriptions
Improved error diagnostics for memory allocation errors (written to log file)

VM Interfaces
EsIsString, EsStringToCString, EsCStringToString APIs

Ubuntu 10.10
Fedora Core 14

New VA Assist, Widget/Kit Controls, and GF/ST online documentation

40+ bug fixes

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8.0.2 (released May 26, 2010)

Support for Seaside v3.0 pre-beta1

All Windows executables are digitally signed to enhance security and meet Windows Logo Certification requirements

GLORP support for reading and writing objects from relational databases (level 0.3.178 + fixes)

Further improvements to HTML documentation

Currency with respect to operating systems and databases; support added for Ubuntu 9 (32/64-bit) and Oracle 11g (compatibility)

Power management events supported on Windows GUI applications

Added support for method pragmas, allowing you to annotate methods with user- defined processing information

Ability to call Oracle functions and Execute anonymous blocks

Instance-based exceptions are now polymorphic with class-based exceptions, providing clearer and more efficient handling of errors

SUnit 4.0, including support for Just-in-Time Resource Management, and other enhancements, supports creating powerful Smalltalk unit tests

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8.0.1 (released November 18, 2009)

Support for Seaside 3.0 alpha5

Continued web services enhancements

Additional enhancements for tabbed browsers

Support for Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

Support for cdecl calling convention on Windows

Improved error diagnostics for memory allocation

Enhanced SST resource management for faster execution using less memory

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Version 8.0 (released April 21, 2009)

Seaside 2.9 alpha3

Enhanced browsers and inspectors

Extensions to web services

Upgraded online documentation

Text file 8.0 Read Me

Version 7.5.2 (released August 22, 2007)

Support Smalltalk on 64-bit systems
(Windows Vista, Linux & Ubuntu)

Support Solaris 10

Transcript Help menu update

Modifiable splash screen

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Version 7.5.1 (released April 16, 2007)

Configuration Map Browser enhancements

Quick form support for DateAndTime

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Version 7.5 (released January 31, 2007)

Tools and frameworks shipped with the product:

  • Refactoring Browser
  • SUnit framework and browser
  • Mastering ENVY Developer tools

Support for Windows Vista (32-bit)

Support for SuSE Linux Enterprise 10

Upgrade Oracle support to v10s

Version 7.0.1 (released November 3, 2006)

Support for Red Hat Linux 4.3

Text file 7.5 & 7.0.1 Read Me

Version 7.0 (Shipped August 2005)

[ Initial offering from Instantiations ]

Integrated VA Assist to modernize VAST IDE

Included WidgetKit/Controls to allow customers to build more sophisticated UIs

Include GF/ST as a "goodie" to allow customers to build more sophisticated UIs

Text file 7.0 Read Me

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(prior to 7.0)

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