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Instantiations develops leading and innovative commercial software products for the Smalltalk development language. Instantiations VA Smalltalk™ product line, as well as its professional services experts, are trusted by software development organizations around the world.

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  • ESUG 2018 Cagliari, Italy
    The conference is over. If you couldn't come, you can catch up on the VA Smalltalk news:
    VA Smalltalk Update: Hear the success story of our VA Smalltalk 64-bit launch last September, learn all the new capability in the current release, and find out what's coming up next for the VA Smalltalk product.
    Application Devlepment with VA Smalltalk: VA Smalltalk is demoed on an IOT device to demonstrate sophisticated features such as remote debugging of runtime applications, cross-platform development, bootstrapped images that can easily reach sizes under 1.5 megabytes and more. 
  • GemTalk announces GemBuilder for VA Smalltalk - Community Edition
    Read more about the Community Edition Licensing for GBS
  • V9.1 Release: Linux 64-bit & Largest Feature Set Yet!
    Powerful new 32 & 64-bit state-of-the-art virtual machines.
    Download v9.1 here! Download the updated data sheet and the VA Smalltalk Migration Guide. Onward and upward!
  • Smalltalks 2018
    October 31 - November 2, 2018
    Workshops October 29 - 30
    Universidad Nacional de Salta, in Salta, Argentina.
    Registration and talk submission is now open! More information will be on FAST soon.
  • Download IBM Smalltalk Redbooks!
    IBM’s Smalltalk Redbooks are now available for download from Instantiations’ website! Click here to check them out: 


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Smalltalks 2018
October 31 - November 2 , 2018
at Universidad Nacional de Salta,
Salta, Argentina


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