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Instantiations develops leading and innovative commercial software products for the Smalltalk development language. Instantiations VA Smalltalk™ product line, as well as its professional services experts, are trusted by software development organizations around the world.

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  • VA Smalltalk update
    A lot has been happening since Instantiations released 9.0. We're excited to share the news with you!
  • Announcing the VA Smalltalk 9.0.1 Fixpack.
    With an active support license, you can get the 9.0.1 Fixpack from the VA Smalltalk downloads page under the "9.0 Fixpacks" section. Please click here for details.
  • Catch up on Smalltalks 2017 news
    VA Smalltalk Update - Smalltalks 2017 (PDF)
    VA Smalltalk continues to evolve. During theis last year, we have all been working on 64-bit support. This comes with mew capabilities and some pitfalls. As usual, you will see the roadmap to the future for VA Smalltalk.
    VA Smalltalk 9: Exploring the next-gen LLVM-based virtual machine (PDF)
    VA Smalltalk 9 includes all new high-performance 32 and 64-bit virtual machines developed using the popular LLVM compiler infrastructure. This talk gives an overview of what LLVM is and provides a detailed look into the internals of how our LLVN-based virtual machine was implemented.
  • Announcing the release of VA Smalltalk 9.0!
    Powerful new 32 & 64-bit state-of-the-art virtual machines.
    Download v9.0 here! Download the updated data sheet and the VA Smalltalk Migration Guide. Onward and upward!
  • ESUG 2017
    The conference is over. If you couldn't come, you can catch up on the VA Smalltalk news:
    VA Smalltalk Update Leran the dark underside of 64-bit support.
    EMSRV Update: Find out how EMSRV is adapting to modern programming environments. 
  • Download IBM Smalltalk Redbooks!
    IBM’s Smalltalk Redbooks are now available for download from Instantiations’ website! Click here to check them out: 


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Smalltalks 2017
November 8-10, 2017
La Plata, Argentina


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