VA Smalltalk Product Roadmap

This page describes our current thinking about future evolution, features, and enhancements for VA Smalltalk. Your inputs are welcome! Click here to send us your thoughts

Release schedule is approximately once a year.

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9.1 planned for June, 2018

  • 32/64-bit Unix Images
  • Unicode Enhancements
  • Unified Compression Streams Framework
  • LZ4 Inflate/deflate
  • In-Memory Zip Read/Write Streams
  • JSON
  • Regular Expressions
GUI Look and Feel
  • Windows High-DPI Support
  • TreeView improvements
  • New TableView
Performance and Scalability
  • New 32/64-bit Linux VM
  • Parallel/Incremental garbage collection
Crytpographic Support
  • Cryptographic Message Syntax
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1 compatable (SSL/TLS 1.3, SHA-3...)
  • UUID Generation
Web Interface
  • Seaside currency
Development Tools
  • Monticello Importer Enhancements
  • SUnit Browser Enhancements
  • Expanded Scintilla capability
  • Code Assistance enhancements
  • Dark and Solarized Themes
  • 32/64-bit Unix Installers
  • Detects available installations
  • LDAP
  • SQLite3 currency

Future release candidates

Web interface
  • Web services tooling improvements
  • Web services debugging tools/doc
  • Validating XML parser
  • Seaside 3.x
  • HTTP/2
  • 0MQ
GUI Look and Feel
  • TreeView improvements
  • New Windows TableView
  • GTK+ 2.x on UNIX
  • Backport widgets from add-ons
  • Common Widgets Application Window framework
Development Tools
  • New ‘Settings’ dialog replacing existing dialogs
  • Consolidation of all settings using new framework
  • Revamped Changes Browser
  • New Code Merge Engine
  • Improved code library access over WAN
  • GLORP currency
  • GLORP infrastructure improvements
  • GLORP Programmer’s Reference
  • Postgres
  • NoSQL
Performance and Scalability
  • Class library performance hotspots
  • KES/Stats Tool (currently a goodie)
  • Collection hashing policies
  • Collection sorting policies
  • Easy to use server farms

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Version History

View the version history of VA Smalltalk since 7.0