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ECAP (Early Customer Access Program)

Get Early Access to Pre-Release Testing for the VAST Platform


Starting 2-3 months before each major release, Instantiations' ECAP provides pre-release versions[1] of the VAST Platform.

These pre-release versions give customers the opportunity to check out new features and provide their feedback to our engineering team before the next release.


[1] Pre-release versions are snapshots of internal builds that are a work-in-progress. They may, or may not, be fully functional and are not intended for use in production systems.


Get Started

If you are a VAST Platform customer with an active support plan, you already have access and can download ECAPs whenever they are available.

If you are not a customer just yet, we want to welcome you and ask that you check out the following links below:


Current ECAP Downloads

There are currently no active ECAP releases.

We have just released the latest version of the VAST Platform, and we encourage you to try it out.

Customers with active Support Plans can download VAST from our licensed downloads area of the site.

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