Instantiations wants to help you build applications quickly and get the most from our products. Our technical support team members are experts on our products, and most are developers themselves. We understand that sometimes time is of the essence, or you just need more guidance than our manuals and examples provide. We have worked hard to put together a series of support plans to help you as promptly and as thoroughly as you need.

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Submit an email request to our Support team.

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Access the online documentation and read about redistributable files, system requirements and more.

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Instantiations maintains a Google Group for product announcements and community discussions. This group is not a formal product support mechanism -- please refer to Requesting Support (below) to open a formal support request.

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Requesting Support

If you have active support, your support requests will be treated with the highest priority; you can generally expect responses within 24 hours (48 hours for some questions of a more complex or multi-part nature).

To submit a request to Support, please email the following information to

  • Product name
  • Version of VA Smalltalk (or VisualAge)
  • Serial # (only via email – do not post on forum)
  • OS Name/Version
  • Priority
  • VA Debugger Stack Trace Attached (Yes/No)**
  • Description of the problem
  • Your expectations for addressing the problem
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
  • Detailed error messages
  • Walkback logs and code samples as appropriate

**If applicable, select Stack | Copy Stack | Trace Text in the
    VA Debugger to generate the Stack Trace.

What support is included with the product?

Included with purchase is a period of support (upgrade, maintenance and technical support), starting from the date of purchase. The support period is:

  • VA Smalltalk . . . . . . . . . . 1 year
  • Smalltalk Add-Ons . . . .90 days

If you wish to purchase or extend an Annual Support contract, please contact us at

The number of support subscriptions must match the number of licenses purchased. Support offerings and pricing are subject to change.

What happens if my Support period lapses?

We deeply value our customers and understand that business continuity can play a key role in their success. Therefore we extend a 90-day grace period to our software license customers after their support period expires.

During this grace period customers may purchase a support renewal package at standard renewal rates, but they will not be eligible to receive technical support and software upgrades.

After the 90-day grace period expires, customers must re-purchase the software license. Contact your sales account manager for more details: Email

System Requirements

Read about VA Smalltalk system requirements in the product documentation


Access the online documentation and read about redistributable files, system requirements and more.

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Version History

See the history and product roadmap for VA Smalltalk