Documentation for VA Smalltalk

You can view web-based copies of the documents through the below links or when you choose Help (F1) inside the product.

General documentation:

  1. Online Migration guide All VA Smalltalk documents

Note: For versions of VA Smalltalk prior to 8.0, please refer to documentation that is shipped with the product.

Installation instructions:

  1. Prior to installing, consult System Requirements for the product.
  2. Download VA Smalltalk from the Download page.
    All product readmes are available on the version history page.
  3. Review the Installation Guide and install VA Smalltalk.
  4. If you are upgrading from a previous version, consult the Migration Guide for any changes which affect your application.
    Online Migration guide Online Migration Guide
    Online Migration guide Downloadable PDF Migration Guide

System Requirements

System Requirements includes hardware requirements, EMSRV requirements, and software support by product feature — including Communications, Database and Web Connection.

The EMSRV library manager (shipped with VA Smalltalk) has its own system requirements, described in the same document.

Redistributable Files and Applications

Depending on which product features you employ in developing your application, you will need to package your application with certain VAST Applications and to ship certain files to your end user.
See the list of files and modules »
See the list of Envy applications » 

Complete information regarding your rights and responsibilities when redistributing these files and applications are described in the International Program License agreement »

System Requirements

Read about VA Smalltalk system requirements in the product documentation


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Version History

See the history, product roadmap amd Readmes for VA Smalltalk