VA Smalltalk Goodie:
Smalltalk JSP Scripting for SST (JSPS)


This VAST goodie extends the Server Smalltalk (SST) web application server with support for Java Server Pages (JSP), with Smalltalk as the JSP scripting language.

Download Description

Documentation for this goodie is provided in the 'doc' directory of the goodie distribution.

Supported Platforms

JSPS requires VAST/6.0 and the VAST SST feature. JSPS is not known to have any platform-specific dependencies or limitations.


This goodie requires the VAST Server Smalltalk (SST) feature.

Installation Instructions

The JSPS goodie consists of Smalltalk code only. To install, import and load the single configuration map provided in the ".dat" file.

  1. Unzip the distribution package file, "" into your VisualAge Smalltalk Client root directory (on Windows for example, c:\vast600; on multiuser systems, you may find your image startUp directory more convenient). Note that your unzip program must honor (not flatten) the directory structure when it unzips the package.
  2. Start your VisualAge Smalltalk development image.
  3. Ensure that the Server Smalltalk (SST) feature is loaded. From the System Transcript, select Tools ->Load/Unload features and load "ST:Server, SST".
  4. Import the 'Goodies - SST JSPS' configuration map from \goodies\SSTJSPS\manager\sstjsps.dat (Windows path separators).
  5. Load the 'Goodies - SST JSPS' configuration map into your development image.

Package Contents

This package consists of a single zip file containing:
         readme.txt (this file)

Version History

Version G600 - Initial release



(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 2002. All rights reserved.