VA Smalltalk Goodie:
SST Remote Workspace and File Dialog


Here is a cool little utility for Server Smalltalk (SST) that allows you to open a workspace on a remote machine.

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Remote Workspace

A remote workspace is an extension of a standard Smalltalk workspace window. It provides a local window into a remote object space. Any Smalltalk code that you execute in a remote workspace window will run not in the local object space, but in the remote object space to which the workspace window is connected. Note: The object space must allow global references.

Remote file dialog

A remote file dialog is a file dialog that enables you to access files that reside on remote machines. You can use a remote file dialog to open a remote text file in a workspace, make changes, and then save the file on the remote machine.


VisualAge Smalltalk Enterprise Version 5.5 or above



    SstWorkspace class >>#forObjectSpace:
    SstWorkspace class >>#forFileNamed:objectSpace: