VA Smalltak Goodie:
Smalltalk Memory Consumption Monitor


Using the memory tools provided with Smalltalk and the extensions included in this article, developers can quickly diagnose and correct memory problems.

Download Description

This extension of the applications in the ENVY/Stats configuration map summarizes the object statistics in memory and allows you to easily see what kinds of objects were relinquished between two measurements by simple selection.

This information was previously published in 2 Eye on SmallTALK articles by Dan Kehn --

  1. Smalltalk Dynamic Memory Consumption Analysis by Dan Kehn  (April 2000)
  2. Smalltalk Static Memory Consumption Analysis  by Dan Kehn (December 2000)

The text of these articles is included in the download file.


VisualAge Smalltalk

Installation Instructions

Import the appropriate version of the KES/Stats and the modified ENVY/Stats for your environment in order to get more accurate object size calculations and avoid a potential infinite loop. Then load the KES/Stats configuration map and its required maps.

  1. Import  configuration map KES/Stats from the kesStats.dat in this goodie into to the development image.
  2. Load the ENVY/Stats configuration map
  3. Load the  configuration map KES/Stats

Package Contents

license.txt (missing)
readme  (missing an introductory readme)
\goodies\readme\SmallTALKMemoryAnalysis_files (contains image files)

Version History

Version 1.1



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