VA Smalltalk Goodie:
Wrapper for Xalan-C++ open source XSLT processor


The Xalan wrapper goodie provides a simple interface to the Xalan-C++ library functions.


Xalan is an XSLT processor for transforming XML documents into HTML, text, or other XML document types.

Xalan-C++ version 1.4 includes a C API; therefore, it is possible to invoke the Xalan-C++ support from VisualAge Smalltalk applications.

A free download of the Xalan-C++ support can be obtained from You must install the Xalan C++ support prior to using the Xalan wrapper goodie. Follow the Xalan C++ support installation instructions, for additional requirements (such as: Setting up the system path). \


Xalan C++ 1.4 or higher (earlier versions will not work)

Label or File Name URL Platform Language Size (Bytes)
Xalan-C++ version 1.4 (or higher) Platform Independent US English 17000000

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the distribution package file, "" into your VisualAge Smalltalk Client root directory (for example, c:\vast600 or /opt/IBMvast/6.0). Note that Your unzip program must honor (not flatten) the directory structure when it unzips the package.
  2. Import the 'Goodies - XalanWrapper' configuration map from <vast-root>\goodies\XalanWrapper\manager\xalanwrapper.dat (Windows or OS/2) or <vast-root>/goodies/XalanWrapper/manager/xalanwrapper.dat (Unix).
  3. Load the 'Goodies - XalanWrapper' configuration map.
When the application 'AbxXalanWrapperApp' is loaded the Xalan library name is set to 'XalanTransformer_1_4_0'. This name is correct for the Windows platform. For other platforms, the library name can be changed using code like that shown below: AbxXalanWrapper libraryName: .

Xalan wrapper goodie