VA Smalltalk Goodie: Notebook Settings Views


The Notebook Settings Views Goodie allows VisualAge Smalltalk developers to switch between the current property settings or the former notebook settings views when double-clicking on a composition editor part.

Supported Platforms

The Notebook Settings Views work with the VisualAge Smalltalk v6.0 and later development environment -- it is not designed to be packaged into a runtime image. Supported operating systems are the same as for the version of VisualAge Smalltalk that you are running it on.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the distribution package file into your VisualAge Smalltalk Client root directory
    (for example, c:\vast600 or /opt/IBMvast/6.0).
    Note that your unzip program must honor (not flatten) the directory structure when it unzips the package.
  2. Make \goodies\NotebookSettingsViews\setup (Windows or OS/2) or /goodies/NotebookSettingsViews/setup (Unix) your current directory.
  3. Run the setup script appropriate to your platform (for example, setup_l for Linux or setup_w.bat for Windows) to copy files to their final location.
  4. Start your VisualAge Smalltalk development image
  5. Import the 'Goodies - Notebook Settings Views' configuration map from \goodies\NotebookSettingsViews\manager\setviews.dat (Windows or OS/2) or /goodies/NotebookSettingsViews/manager/setviews.dat (Unix).
  6. Load 'Goodies - Notebook Settings Views' configuration map.