VA Smalltalk Readme


Welcome to VA Smalltalk Version 9.2

VA Smalltalk enables software developers to create highly portable, scalable, multi-tier business applications using object-oriented technology. VA Smalltalk allows for incremental and rapid development of new Smalltalk applications. Developers can build and deploy enterprise Web service solutions for dynamic e-business using VA Smalltalk.

What's New in V9.2

Late-breaking news, technical tips, and product updates

SELinux Not Supported

VA Smalltalk does not yet support running on Linux distributions with SELinux enabled. This includes current flavors of Red Hat, Fedora and CentOS. To run VA Smalltalk on these distributions, SELinux must be disabled. Run the sestatus command to determine if SELinux is enabled.

Post-Release Tips and Updates

Please refer to the Instantiations Smalltalk home page for technical information including tips and product updates made after this product release. The web page includes information about what's included in the release, and how to contact us as well as hints and tips for using and deploying VA Smalltalk.

You can download the latest product updates, as well as product add-ons, from the Instantiations Smalltalk download page.

Version 9.2 files and installation

Distribution files

VA Smalltalk distribution files are divided into development time components and runtime components.

Each VA Smalltalk platform has two downloadable development time components:

Product Installer
The product installer installs the Client and Manager components of the VA Smalltalk product as well as a development IDE setup tool. The Client component contains the VA Smalltalk development IDE. The Manager component contains the VA Smalltalk library (source code repository) file and the EMSRV code used to access the repository file in a team environment. There are two versions of the product installer: one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit installations.
Documentation Installer
The documentation installer installs a local copy of the VA Smalltalk documentation onto your workstation.

Each VA Smalltalk platform has one downloadable run time component:

Server Runtime
This is the runtime support needed for deploying Smalltalk applications developed using VA Smalltalk. There is no formal install program for Server Runtime. You simply use unzip to unpack the runtime files and add your packaged Smalltalk application into the resulting directory structure. You must download and unpack the correct Server Runtime package for your workstation operating system. The files needed to include at runtime are listed in Redistributable Runtime Files.

The Linux Product installers come in Debian and RPM formats.

The Server Runtime component for all platforms, are delivered as .zip files. If you do not already have a suitable unzip program, then you can download a no-charge unzip program such as Info-ZIP.

Note: The gunzip program will not work with the VA *.zip files. The VA *.zip files are multi-file archives while gunzip is only designed to handle single compressed files.

Installing VA Smalltalk


If you are new to VA Smalltalk, we recommend that you install the documentation locally using the VA Smalltalk Documentation Installer, VASmalltalkDocumentation-9.2.0.exe, for easy reference before you install the VA Smalltalk product.

Run the downloaded VA Smalltalk Product Installer, VASmalltalk-9.2.0x86.exe (32-bit) or VASmalltalk-9.2.0x64.exe. (64-bit)

Complete installation instructions, such as how to set up EMSRV, can be found in the Installation Guide. The Installation Guide can be read online at Installation Guide, or locally after you run the VA Smalltalk Documentation Installer.

If you are doing a Custom install, to install the Manager on a different machine than the Client(s), we recommend you install the Manager first.

Once you have installed the Manager and the Client, refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions on how to use the Environments tool to configure your environment so you can launch VA Smalltalk.

If you are using the headless installer to install the Manager alone, make sure the directory into which you want to install the manager has been created  before starting the  headless install. Refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions.

If you are installing on Windows Server:

The manager is not installed when installing the product with both client and server portions present (the typical or default installation configuration).
Copy %tmp%\Instantiations\VA Smalltalk\9.2\manager\mgr92tmp.dat to <mgrroot> and rename it mgr92.dat. By default, <mgrroot> is C:\ProgramData\Instantiations\VA Smalltalk\9.2\manager. to determine %tmp%, open a command terminal and enter echo %tmp% .


If you are new to VA Smalltalk, we recommend you install the documentation locally first, so you have the Installation Guide in a convenient place. Unzip the downloaded VA Smalltalk Documentation Installer for your Platform and execute sudo ./vainstall in a terminal. Then open a browser on file:///usr/local/VASmalltalk/9.2/help/index.html once the documentation is installed locally.  

Installing the product: Unzip the downloaded VA Smalltalk Product Installer for your platform and your preference for 32-bit or 64-bit. Choose whether you would like to install the full standalone product, or just the client or manager configuration. Before running the Product installer, change directory to where vainstall is.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall standalone in a terminal.
Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall manager in a terminal.
Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall client in a terminal.

Complete installation instructions, such as how to set up EMSRV, can be found in the Installation Guide. The Installation Guide can be read online at Installation Guide, or locally after you run the VA Smalltalk Documentation Installer. 

If you are doing a Custom install, to install the Manager on a different machine than the Client(s), we recommend you install the Manager first.

Note: There are special steps for installing on Linux which are documented in the Installation Guide.

Once you have installed the Manager and the Client, refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions on how to use the Environments tool to configure your environment so you can launch VA Smalltalk.

VA Smalltalk Migration Guide

If you have a version of VisualAge Smalltalk or VA Smalltalk already installed, please refer to the Migration Guide for important information before using VA Smalltalk V9.2. The Migration Guide can be read online at Migration Guide, as a pdf or it can be read locally if you installed local documentation.

Corrections and Enhancements

This section lists the corrections and enhancements introduced by each release of the VA Smalltalk product.

Corrections and Product Enhancements in V9.2

  Case   Title
  -----  ----------------------------------------------------------
   48383 Add Socket Options - Send/Receive Timeout
   55910 VisualAgeAssist>>launchWindowBuilder contains incorrect message text
   57400 Support struct-by-value return type for platform functions
   60614 Walkback when opening the View Parts List view in the Composition Editor
   61454 High-DPI Support to VA Smalltalk
   61823 Add PostgreSQL Database Support
   63142 Expose image and text capabilities to AbtPushButtonView
   63210 Continue scrolling in Application Manager when tooltip bubble is showing
   63424 Add some #packagingRulesFor: to Seaside and related projects
   63471 Make OpenSSL Crypto more packager friendly
   63635 Consider adding app EswSwapperCFSSupport to the default packager lineup
   63692 SstHttpClient should support redirects
   63693 SstHttpClient should not append default ports to header host fields
   63752 Allow a silent/yes/default mode to our installers
   63814 Regex XD Feature has no editions in the shipped manager .
   63828 Null indicator field for DB2 is wrong size in VA Smalltalk 64bit
   63856 Remove empty class extensions DBString and String from AbtEditRecordStructureApp
   63857 Remove empty class extension DBString from AbtCompositionEditorSubApp
   63859 Remove empty class extension CwShell from VisualAgeAssistAppAbt
   63860 Remove empty class extension StsConfigurationMapsBrowser from StsCodeAssistApp
   63861 Remove empty class extension EsImageStartUp from EtBaseTools
   63862 Fix AbtTimedWait blocking behavior when used in UI Process
   63866 Use of block fetching from VisualAge ODBC/CLI results in GPF
   63874 Add CSV Feature for the product
   63878 EsCompressionWriteStream performance issue on nextPutAll
   63883 Fix Refactoring Browser Testing feature load
   63884 Fix Mastering ENVY/Developer Tools feature load
   63886 Fix method name collisions between ST: JSON Support, Testing feature and Glorp
   63897 Loosen restrictions on EC_METHOD resolution
   63901 Implement RFC-3501 - IMAP4rev1
   63902 Implement RFC-4314 - IMAP4 Access List Control extensions
   63903 Implement RFC-4978 - IMAP Compress extension
   63904 Implement RFC-5161 - IMAP4 Enable extension
   63905 Implement RFC-2177 - IMAP4 Idle extension
   63906 Implement RFC-2342 - IMAP4 Namespace extensions
   63907 Implement RFC-2087 - IMAP4 Quota extension
   63908 Implement RFC-5256 - IMAP Sort/Thread extensions
   63909 Implement IMAP Client examples in SstEmailExamples
   63910 Implement RFC-2595 - Using TLS with IMAP
   63914 SstEnhancedSelect should no longer exclude #timeout: from runtime packages
   63915 EsImageFileReader was broken by 64-bit changes
   63923 StackOverflow occurs if OSSslSSLMethod TLS or SSLv23 are called and OpenSSL is not setup
   63926 Implement IMAP Search Framework
   63927 SstPollingWinSockSocketDemultiplexor>>#select is broken because #pollingSelect was removed
   63928 Implement RFC-4959 - IMAP Extension for SASL-IR
   63929 Replace deprecated GetVersionEx call in virtual machine
   63938 va91x86_sw esvio.ini has 9.0 references
   63939 va91x64_sw esvio.ini has 9.0 refs and ic path issue
   63940 Linux server runtime files are referencing preprocessed cmake variables
   63941 Linux abtnx and nodialog still contain cmake preprocessor variables in product install of x86 and x64
   63949 has false dependency on vm which causes issues in headless environments
   63950 Make the packager print a problems statistics file
   63952 Create packagerKnownSymbols dynamically for OsStructure subclasses
   63955 Hover Help Manager: syncExecInUI: for currentPointerLocation missing
   63956 Use asScaledDecimal in place of deprecated asDecimal
   63957 Walkback causes by sourceVote being nil in EwDragAndDropSession>>#calculateOperation
   63965 Remove NeoJSON extension WriteStream>>#<< and update existing senders
   63966 Make AbtCodePageConversionPolicy packager friendly
   63968 [Unix]AbtOdbcDatabaseConnection>>#directConecttoDataSource:id:pw: not 64bit compatible
   63973 Add Collection >> #contains: as an alias to #anySatisfy:
   63986 Walkback in StsPowerTools>>chooseColorDefault
   63987 Support Debugging selected expression in Workspaces
   63991 LDAP Delete function string arg must be null terminated
   63996 Add support for UTF-8 encoded filenames and comments to ZipStream
   63999 Add useful and generic ArrayedCollection class>>#new:withAll:
   64025 Modify SstHttpClient fetch examples to query url for transport scheme instead of hard coding it
   64026 Sockets in Unix need some more critical guarding for the "readCollection"
   64028 Add packaging rules to ignore SstRemoteAdministration warnings
   64029 Add packaging rules to ignore SstHttpCommunications warnings
   64030 Add packaging rules for Pragma class >> specialPragmaKeyword
   64033 Move methods #nextRequestFrom: and #nextRequestPut:on: from SstLightweightMarshaler to SstMessageMarshaler
   64040 Add protocol #join:, #joinTo: , #split:, #splitOn: etc to Collection classes
   64041 Add EsString class method #cr , #lf and #crlf
   64042 Adding EsString #lines and #linesDo:
   64043 Add #writeStreamDo: , #readStreamDo: and #readRriteStreamDo: family of methods to CfsPath
   64044 Add #timeToRun to BlockContextTemplate
   64047 Add #capitalized to EsString and Symbol to the base image
   64056 Add KeyedCollection class >> newFromPairs:
   64062 Create features for CSV
   64075 New EsCodePageUtilitiesApp that is kernel-only dependent
   64077 Remove "Seaside RSS Examples" map from map "zz.Server.AbtSstSeasideFeature"
   64082 Implement Brotli compression
   64085 Implement SASL Framework for Mail Support
   64091 Implement RFC-7888 - IMAP4 Non-synchronizing Literals
   64093 Implement IMAP logging
   64094 Implement RFC-5258 - IMAP 4 LIST Command Extensions
   64095 Implement RFC-5819 - IMAP4 Extension for Returning STATUS Information in Extended LIST
   64096 Implement RFC-7889 - The IMAP APPENDLIMIT Extension
   64097 Implement RFC-6851 - IMAP MOVE Extension
   64103 Implement RFC-2359 - IMAP4 UIDPLUS extension
   64105 Implement RFC-2971 - IMAP4 ID extension
   64108 Implement RFC-3348 - IMAP4 Child Mailbox Extension
   64117 Implement RFC-4731 - ESEARCH Extension
   64120 AbtOdbcCursor>>dropIfError: should not attempt to free statement if the statement''s handle is nil
   64149 Add lineDelimiter API to EsCompressionStream
   64150 Browsing changes between App versions can use scratch version of app for comparison
   64153 Various improvements and fixes to WAUrl
   64158 Searching config maps for an application when ExecLongOperationsInBackground is false results in walkback
   64169 String>>openSSLZeroize must use Nul char instead of 0
   64170 Provide full accessor methods for RSA,DSA,EC,DH keys
   64178 Add Server Name Indication (SNI) support
   64185 Can not browse class names that are also selectors in workspaces
   64188 Fix issue that keeps EsCompressionBuffer from being configurable
   64189 Some PNG images can no longer be read after new compression streams
   64192 Improve PNG Support and Performance
   64195 Add PNG Interlaced Frame Handler support
   64200 Add progressive jpeg not supported detection
   64202 Add logging ability and error handling to Seaside Sst Adaptor
   64206 StsDebugger does not work with "Stack Dump"
   64210 Prohibit application prereq analysis in #packagingRulesFor: class side methods
   64213 Update inline help to refer to secure
   64214 Update VA Assist about to refer to secure
   64215 Update NLS files referring to insecure
   64216 Update GFST about to refer to secure
   64223 Implement Probabilistic Signature Schemes (RSA-PSS)
   64231 LibreSSL Compatibility in Crypto/SSL
   64232 OSSslBigNumber>>isOne returns integer instead of boolean
   64233 Loading VA Assist Pro from configuration map in ibmst image will break
   64241 Allow WAFileLibrary to decide when and how to encode when deploying files
   64252 Improve our walkback information
   64264 Failed to XD package with latest changes in AbtCodePageConverter
   64267 Make Swapper App more packager friendly
   64279 GLORP error logging - add timestamp
   64281 VMprComputeMemorySizes GPF due to out of date C locals
   64284 Ensure StsWorkspace is used if StsPowerTools is loaded
   64285 FFI Performance Improvements
   64287 Update Socket Tests that use with https-based urls
   64309 CgWinPrinterServer>>#openDisplay should handle CgPrinterNotFoundError
   64311 Adapt code assist to XD Environments
   64312 [VM] System osVersion can answer a string with some garbage characters on Windows 2008 Server
   64319 Add support PUT and DELETE requests in SstHttpClient
   64321 Negative scaled decimals asJson lose sign in Seaside
   64323 [VM] missing DLL causes GPF instead of OS error 126
   64324 Rename "ENVY/Manager Attachments" extension String >> asPath to asEmPath
   64340 SstTcpConfiguration copy should make a deep copy of the securityConfiguration
   64341 SstHttpClient configuration should be retrieved from localEndpoint, not localEndpoint transport
   64347 SstHttpClient should also support relative redirects
   64348 Monticello Importer should set prerequisites before attempting to create app
   64350 Fix incorrect behavior when PF call failed
   64357 Create OSObject Bindings to PostgreSQL C library (libpq)
   64361 [linux_x64] Error loading the configuration map AbtDatabaseEdit
   64364 iconv primitives calls in Unix image are not 64-bit clean
   64365 EsCodePage* should delegate to AbtCodePage* when present
   64366 Remove latest empty class extensions from the system
   64369 Scintilla editor color highlighting confused
   64378 Implement ZStandard Compression
   64380 Make the size of RAM bucket in EpRomerImage>>initializeDefaultSpaces a class variable
   64382 Update lz4 version for 9.2 release
   64389 Fix ipv4 socket addr loopback identification
   64390 Add SciSocketAddress>>isAddrSiteLocal for detecting local private network ranges
   64392 EsUnixCodePageConverter should NOT #closeAllConversionTables on #startUp
   64396 Remove GRVASTUtf8CodecStream class var leftovers and #initializeOnLoad
   64399 Remove unnecessary #getHostByAddr: check on Remote Debugger
   64410 Apply additional concurrency safety guards to EsAsynchronousCallout
   64413 The map "WindowBuilder Pro - Runtime" is not correctly updated as part of the build
   64415 [b421] Transcript is placed way to high in the screen after HiDPI
   64416 When HiDPI enabled, the implementors popup/dialog/input is way too big
   64417 Strange class signature dropdown when opening a hierarchy browser on a class
   64421 VAContentAssistPointRelativeLayout break on DnD of completion item
   64422 Code Format and Comment DPI code
   64423 Windows b421 - Load of WindowBuilder Pro and WB VSE Translation blow up
   64428 After HiDPI code the instance/class toggle in the default hierarchy browser gets hidden
   64432 Make MonticelloImporter to auto-general class side #new sending #initialize
   64436 #removeAll: shouldnt iterate over the same collection your removing from
   64439 After HiDPI enabled the Seaside Control Panel looks bad
   64440 With HiDPI, the area for breakpoints and notifications icons in editor is too small
   64449 Seaside SST Server Adaptor should decode percent for native request URLs
   64450 b421 [ Linux and Windows] Goodies - UML Designer fails to load
   64452 browse class when menu says browse class hierarchy
   64454 Apply Coding Standards to SocketCommunicationsInterface framework
   64456 Handle column names of 128 characters
   64458 Allow Seaside SST Adaptors to store the native request
   64460 [VM] Case 64460: Fix old object swapper class id for 64-bit
   64461 [VM] ENVY/Stats fails to load on linux 64-bit
   64464 Resolve conflicts between CSV, JSON and Grease for STON integration
   64469 XAppContext ref causing breaks when packaging Kernel IC
   64472 Add "restart" buttons to Seaside Control Panel
   64481 b423 Win 64 ibmSt - Loading z.VA: Mastering ENVY/Developer Tools fails
   64484 Add STON support
   64485 b423 Ubuntu x64 - Many feature load failures related to Envy/Image SCI
   64486 Push up SCI plat-dependent structs that are near copies of each other
   64487 Add typeAt: API to OSStructure class
   64520 Handle long strings in CfsNTFSPath makeValidFormatFrom:
   64521 EsPatternParser>>extractOptions should be called only for a date pattern specifier (%d)
   64524 iconv should not return the truncated string if there was an error but the error itself
   64535 OSSslStructure>>basicOwnsMemory: always sets false
   64551 Oracle LOB fixes for 64bit support
   64552 Oracle LOB enhancements
   64555 Fix RxmBranch to do greedy matching instead of first match passes
   64573 Fix 9.1.1 Application visibility in Application Manager bug
   64576 Enable DirectWrite by default
   64588 Add "Copy Message Representation" to Method Differences Right click menu
   64593 [b427] AbtCodePageUtilitiesApp>>packagingRulesFor: refs unknown class variable
   64619 GemStone GBS UI tester broken with latest HiDPI changes
   64621 Speedup #managingNamespaceFor: for large Symbol tables
   64622 [VM] Build .lib files on Windows and distribute in INSTALL/samples/lib directory
   64623 Promote EsAllocateMemory/EsFreeMemory to be exported on Windows
   64624 [VM] Export EsPostAsyncMessageThruGlobal in the vm
   64625 Update header files that are shipped with VA in InstallDir/samples/include
   64629 syncExecInUI: missing for EsWindowSystemStartUp>>#cleanUpBeforeWalkback
   64648 Odd row selection behavior with direct edit cells in ContainerDetailsView
   64657 Make Unix installers default to standalone if no parameters follow vainstall
   64677 Remove "ENVY/Image Compiler" from Seaside XD feature
   64703 Speedup String >> abtAsNumber by using isFraction instead of isKindOf:
   64707 Remove -mcd switch from unix launch scripts
   64717 Issue with reading a -1 value from INT database fields
   64721 Remove the word "goodie" from the .xsd file generated by Web Services
   64730 [VM] Add support for Aarch64 / ARM64
   64732 [VM] Process->vmState cant be decoded in 64-bit VM
   64740 [VM] Merge ebcdic support into vm module
   64751 Add #rawCr, #rawLf, #rawCrLf and #newLine into WriteStream and Cfs streams
   64774 Add HiDPI support to manifest files
   64781 HiDPI issues with packager UI - progress bar and buttons
   64782 Icons issue with HiDPI and packager UI
   64811 Text not being correctly scaled with HiDPI in the "Load/Unload Features..." GUI
   64812 After HiDPI, progress bar of "Load/Unload Features..." GUI is far too width
   64813 After HiDPI left icons gets partially hidden/overlap when mouse hovering them in app manager
   64826 Allow browsing hierarchy and classes in SUnitBrowser when none test method is selected
   64828 Fix StsPowerTools>>chooseColorDefault: usage of literal string
   64836 Implement RFC-3501 - FETCH Responses
   64841 Abt and Es code page convertion have some test failures
   64842 Rename test classes of SCI Unix subapps
   64869 Update Import libraries in the samples/lib directory
   64883 Popup with "mouse over" over a variable makes the popup to blink
   64895 Do not use #replaceAll:with: with possible literal Strings in Seaside
   64898 Max Alignment of structs is calculated incorrectly for ARM
   64911 Linux installers should include a root directory containing everything
   64916 Environments - Settings - File Explorer file section button does not populate entry field
   64928 [Windows] parametrize File Selection promoter buffer length
   64950 Adding shortcuts and menus to the Debugger
   64966 SQLite3 - Do not hold on to OS Memory for handle objects
   64977 Fix SstHttpUrl class>>#proxyExceptionList:excludes:
   64978 Change "self halt" with a particular error when MonticelloImporter fails to compile a method
   64984 SUnit should not try to test methods that start with #test but its argument count is not 0
   64986 Environments - Looks like the need for symlink in the Environments folder no longer exists
   64993 Add unit test for #handle type is not accepted anymore in FFI starting in 9.0 VMs
   64996 Oracle - Do not hold on to OS Memory for handle objects
   64999 Fix spelling for CfsOSTmPtr>>fetchPlaformTimeT
   65007 Fix errors due to lazy creation of SciSocketAddress>>socketAddrStruct
   65027 Create an Abstract Mail Communications Framework
   65040 enable ''native'' entry points for stack frame prims.
   65041 Add timeout tests to TestSstHttpClient
   65042 "AbtReportPrinter default" huge icons issue with HiDPI
   65045 Prevent #stopConnectionChecker from error when Checker is nil
   65052 Update timesRepeat Smalltalk code to answer 0 like the Smalltalk optimized version
   65053 Cleanup implementation of EtWindow>>browserFont
   65073 ODBC - Do not hold on to OS Memory for handles
   65097 Workspace Revert should retain the selected language provider
   65102 Memory leak(s) in Oracle Stored Procedure call(s) - (additional changes)
   65108 Add menu item to open the MedScriptBrowser on any user
   65110 Status decorations on XD browsers show status based on development image instead of passive image
   65111 NeoJSON should not use DateAndTime >> from: because it assumes wrong milliseconds
   65115 #refreshImageCache should deal better with the possibility of CacheRefreshTask process to be dead
   65116 SQLite/PostgreSQL code references isScaledDecimalField for test, but is always false.
   65117 Incorrect 64-bit porting of Ole DWORD * params
   65136 Add traffic light example project to build
   65143 AbtOracle8DatabaseConnection>>getColScaleForDesciptor:ifError: needs to handle negative return values
   65144 Implement missing GRAVASTPlatform >> #directoriesIn:
   65166 Fix Drag&Drop 64-bit issues on Linux
   65173 DB2CLI - Do not hold on to OS Memory for handles
   65182 Packaging errors due to use of symbols in MZZipUnzipApp
   65183 Fix missing required map in config map AbtICInstructions
   65186 Oracle - Cursor leak with AbtOracle10DatabaseManager using emptyRowForQuerySpec:ifError:
   65188 Fix SstRmiUrl to account for changes to subString: in 8.0.2
   65193 Add Seaside hello world example project to build
   65201 vasslthreads and emsrv binaries now compiled with CLANG compiler on Windows
   65202 AbtOracle8DatabaseConnection>>#executeCallForSQLStatement:ifError: returning invalid result
   65205 Updated SQLite to version to 3.29.0
   65210 Environments: Allow user to move an environment to a new physical location
   65215 Remove 32-bit Binaries/Exe in the VAST 64-bit Install
   65217 Update time zone data for 9.2
   65222 Fix missing verticalScroll: abstract no-op method in CwComposite on Linux
   65223 Fix X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) console messages
   65225 Composition Editor on Linux does not work if NumLock is on
   65227 Environments: After successfully moving an Environment, delete the original folder
   65239 Composition Editor effected negatively when high dpi is active
   65241 Remove Goodies-UML Designer config map from shipped product
   65242 Add missing esconfig.h to samples/include
   65246 emadmin 64-bit comapt issue on Linux...uses ''long'' for 32-bit datatypes
   65281 CallTips flash on first draw when DirectWrite is enabled in editor
   65282 Implement RFC-3207 - SMTP over TLS
   65283 Implement RFC-4954 - SMTP Service Extension for Authentication
   65284 Implement RFC-5321 - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
   65300 VMprPointerReplaceFromToWithObject does not use correct value for ending the loop
   65303 Environments - Win_x64 - Create shortcut option fails with GPF
   65304 Linux Server Runtime abtnx script needs to be relative to SRT root
   65306 Implement RFC-6531 - SMTP Extension for Internationalized Email
   65307 Implement RFC-1870: SMTP Service Extension for Message Size Declaration
   65309 Implement SMTP Client examples In SstEmailExamples
   65312 Linux Socket Options - Send/Receive Timeout setter rework
   65318 Fix PAM authentication on Linux
   65319 emadmin injects extra newline into password received by interactive terminal
   65326 Add ssl min/max protocol to configuration
   65330 Environments - Change ''Move'' installations terms to ''Copy''
   65334 Update SST Mail IC instructions
   65406 Zorder not B450 readme
   65410 GCEvent Framework not ported correctly to new virtual machine

Components and Features

The following sections list some important information about some of the components and features. For the latest product information, please refer to Instantiations Smalltalk web page.

Virtual Machine


Common File System


Server Smalltalk (SST)


XD Environments (Cross-platform development)

Stack dump files (.sdf)


VA Smalltalk IOT - VAST on ARM/ARM64



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