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V 8.5.3 System Requirements
This document summarizes the hardware and software supported by VA Smalltalk v 8.5.3. If you are running the EMSRV library manager program you should refer to EMSRV requirements (below)
Operating System Summary
This table shows the release level(s) of operating systems that are supported by VA Smalltalk v 8.5.3 and the associated software requirements. Each operating system release is followed by the VA Smalltalk release which first introduced support for it (if no VA Smalltalk release is indicated, support for the operating system release was provided with VisualAge Smalltalk V6 or earlier).
The minimum hardware requirements are the same as those documented by the operating system platform that VA Smalltalk is running on with the additional requirement of 75 MB (plus 65 MB for on-line documentation) for Client installs and 300 MB (with additional disk space for growth) for Manager installs. On UNIX operating systems, VA Smalltalk requires a color display supported by X-Window System Version 11 Release 5 and OSF/Motif Version 1.2.
Significant performance improvements will be observed with systems that exceed the minimum hardware requirements.
10 (7.5)
EMSRV Requirements:
The EMSRV 7.1a library manager programs have been tested and are supported on the following operating system platforms:
Windows 7 (8.0.1)
The EMSRV 7.1a library manager program has been tested and is supported when its repository files reside on one of the following file systems: