General Information : Q: How can I get rid of the trial dialog?

Q: How can I get rid of the trial dialog?
Every time I start my VA Smalltalk development image or runtime application I see a popup saying that I am running an Evaluation Copy of VA Smalltalk. How do I get this popup to go away?
VA Smalltalk looks for the presence of a license file and if not found, it pops up the evaluation dialog when a user launches a development or runtime image. Customers under support can get the license file at our download page.
This license file is named abtpayNN.dll on windows and on Linux, Solaris and AIX where NN stands for the 2 high digits of the version number (for example, for V8.0.3, this would be 80). Placing this file in the bin directory of the VA Smalltalk NN installation will prevent the evaluation dialog from appearing in the development environment.
Notice that the license file and the Smalltalk installation must be from the same version of VA Smalltalk.
The directions are the same for the runtime environment. The user must also be sure to deploy several files in the runtime bin directory which are automatically installed in the development environment.For VA Smalltalk versions prior to 8.5 these are:
abtpayNN.dll ( for UNIX)
abtprcNN.dll ( for UNIX)
For VA Smalltalk version 8.5 and later they are:
abtpayNN.dll ( for UNIX)
Again, all these files must be from the same VA Smalltalk version. No other version of these files should be visible (e.g., by environment variables such as LIBPATH).
The Properties of the EXE and DLL files will show the VA Smalltalk version. (Open properties of the DLL file; select the Version (Windows XP) or Details (Windows Vista or later) tab; look at the Product version value to determine the VA Smalltalk version.