About this book : What’s New in this version?

What’s New in this version?
New to 8.0.2
WidgetKit/Controls now has two new examples: WkTableWidgetExample2 and WkTableWidgetViewExample2. Both examples illustrate the same capability, but WkTableWidgetExample2 is widget-based and WkTableWidgetViewExample2 is parts-based. These two examples show how to edit a column, each cell of which can have one of several object (not simple string) values.
In the two new examples, the table is filled with persons. There are columns for first and last name and company. First and last name are simple strings. However, company is not simply the company name but a company object.
The column containing the company object displays the company names in a combo box. However, the combo box contains the entire company object. Changing a person's company simply involves choosing a different item in the combo box. The details of the company is displayed below the table.
New to 8.6.1
The WidgetKit/Controls table has a new event which is triggered whenever the user sorts a column. Two new examples, WkTableWidgetSortingExample and WkTableWidgetSortingViewExample, illustrate use of the same event, but WkTableWidgetSortingExample is widget-based and WkTableWidgetSortingViewExample is parts-based.