Chapter 16 Tools Menu Enhancements

Chapter 16 Tools Menu Enhancements
Browse Methods
Opens the Marked Methods Browser, Recently Modified Methods Browser or the Recently Visited Methods Browser.
Browse Methods | Including String
Opens a method browser on all methods within the system that contain a user specified string. This is a very time consuming process. A progress dialog is displayed which may be cancelled at any time.
Browse Unreleased Classes
Quickly view the unreleased classes owned by any user. Version and release them in place. With thanks to Sherwood Zern.
Browse Marked Classes
Opens the Marked Classes Browser. Any class that is marked via the Classes | VA Assist Pro Tools | Mark command is added to this browser. Multiple classes may be marked at once. This is a useful tool for browsing a number of collaborating classes in one place.
A convenient, multi-page window for changing any of the VA Assist Pro settings.
Contains menu items for controlling al of VA Assist Pro’s settings.
Enhanced List Widgets
Turn the use of enhanced list widgets on and off and configure the colors and attributes used.
The drag drop button may be configured to be either the left, right or center mouse button.
Color Syntax
Turn the color syntax highlighting on and off and configure the color schemes.
Spell Check
Turn the dynamic spell checking on and off, turn global name checking on and off and refresh the spelling dictionary. Auto spell correction may also be turned on and off and the auto correction dictionary may be edited.
Turn abbreviation expansion on and off and edit the abbreviations.
Version Names
Define the template used for all version names.
Import New Names
Sets the policy used when encountering new config map, application or class version names during import. If the version names in the import library differ from the names already present in the current library, the new version names may be “Always Accepted”, “Always Rejected”. If set to “Always Ask”, the system will prompt the user for how to proceed.
Export Library Format
Defines the default export file format. Choices include “16GB (New Format)”, “1GB (Old Format)” and “Always Ask”. VA 4.5 or above only.
Smart Prompters
This menu allow you to control whether the prompter autofills (e.g., guesses based upon the user's input), whether the autofilling is case sensitive, and whether the prompter should suggest an answer if the system does not suggest one.
Snapshot Target
Send the snapshots to the clipboard, printer or save them to a file in bitmap, GIF, JPEG, PCX or TIFF format. A user customizable delay may also be set (default is two seconds).
Change Sizes
Change the size of the class history list or the method list (for recently modified or recently visited methods). You may also change the size of the color syntax highlighting maximum method size and the threshold used to determine whether to inspect an object with a hierarchical inspector or not.
Clear Lists
Clear the history list, any of the special method lists, the prompter suggestion lists or the confirmation dialog answers (e.g., “don’t ask me again”).
Auto Update
Specify which special method browser will automatically update whenever a relevant change occurs (if this is turned off, the browser will only update when it gains focus).
Specify which special method browser will be sorted by class and method selector. Also lets you determine whether the class history list will be sorted.
Set Code Font
Set the font used in the text portion of code browsers independently from the font used in the rest of the window.
Set Marked Class Prefix
Specify the character to use to prefix marked classes in the history/find list.
Synchronize Browsers
Specify whether code browsers should be synchronized.
Auto Indent
Turn auto indenting on and off.
Drag Drop
Turn drag/drop on and off. If drag drop is turned on and the drag drop mouse button is set to the left mouse button, drag/drop will interfere with the ability to drag select multiple items in the various browser lists. This option allows the user to quickly toggle drag/drop on and off. If the drag drop mouse button is set to the right mouse button, there is no conflict and drag/drop may be left on permanently.
Use Abbreviated Names
Specify whether abbreviated browser names should be used.
Only Release Clean Classes
with thanks to Anthony Lander
Specify whether the Application Manager will stop you from releasing a class that is in conflict with the previously released version of it. That is, if someone releases a new version behind your back, you won't overwrite their changes.
Show Valid Expressions
With this turned on, you can quickly see which configuration expressions evaluate to true.
Super User
Become a Super User who can leap tall buildings with a single bound. Super Users are designated by a '+' appended to their names in the title bar of the Application Manager.
Allow Special Features
Specify whether version renaming and Super User mode is allowed in this image. Only the Library Supervisor has the power to enable the special features in an image. Once enabled in an image, the user of the image may turn Super User mode on and off at will and rename classes and applications.
Various options for saving and restoring VA Assist Pro settings.
Save To Disk
Save the current VA Assist Pro settings to a file.
Restore From Disk
Restore the current VA Assist Pro settings to a file.
Save Settings In Library
Save the current VA Assist Pro settings in the library.
Load Settings | From Library
Restore the current VA Assist Pro settings from the library.
Load Settings | From User
Load the VA Assist Pro settings for a different user from the library.
Load Settings | System Defaults
Restore the settings to the system defaults.
Turn on the VA Assist Pro features.
Turn off the VA Assist Pro features. Note that any VA Assist Pro affected browser will be closed.
Uninstall the VA Assist Pro package. Use this command rather than either the Configuration Maps Browser or Application Manager unload commands. Note that any VA Assist Pro affected browser will be closed.