Appendix B

Appendix B
History of Product
June 1st, 1998
This is the initial release of GF/ST under VisualAge for Smalltalk 4.02 & 4.5
Changes From Earlier Releases
GFApplicationWindowES has been deprecated and replaced by WbApplication (part of the WbApplicationFramework included with the product) as the "glue puppy" class to use as host for GF/ST components. WbApplication provides a much richer interface than GFApplicationWindowES and is the
default windowing framework supplied with WindowBuilder Pro (our premier GUI building tool for VA Smalltalk). GFApplicationWindowES has been redefined as an empty subclass of WbApplication. All of the supplied GF/ST examples have been re-written to use the facilities supplied with WbApplication. If you have an application that was written using the original GFApplicationWindowES class, the steps to
convert it to using WbApplication are easy:
WbApplication windows may be opened as normal windows using the #open method. WbApplication windows may also be opened as modal dialogs using a variety of #openXXXModal methods supplied with WbApplication.
Known Problems
You can easily group GO's together and make composites of GO's. However,
ungroup (and decompose) operations may not work properly when ungrouping
groups that are grouped in another group. It's even difficult to
describe! The moral of the story is that you should experience no
difficulties if you prevent groups or composites from being ungrouped
when they are contained in another group or composite.
Closed GFPolylineGO and GFSplineGO's with pluggable line end GO's
do not work properly. Polylines and splines can have pluggable
end GO's, but you should not "close" them.