Chapter 9 Options Menu

Chapter 9 Options Menu
The Options menu has varying content depending on which browser it is shown on. Therefore, you will probably never see all the options described here on any particular browser.
Mirrors the initial Transcript’s Tools menu.
Enhanced List Widgets
Turn the use of enhanced list widgets on and off and configure the colors and attributes used. You can also turn hover help expansion on and off.
Show Item Colors
Show Attributes
Drag Drop Mouse Button
The drag drop button may be configured to be either the left, right or center mouse button.
Color Syntax
Turn the color syntax highlighting on and off and configure the color schemes.
Spell Check
Turn the dynamic spell checking on and off, turn global name checking on and off and refresh the spelling dictionary. Auto spell correction may also be turned on and off and the auto correction dictionary may be edited.
Turn abbreviation expansion on and off and edit the abbreviations.
Code Assist
Turn code completion on and off, turn bracket highlighting on and off, turn smart highlighting on and off and launch the Code Assist configuration dialog.
Tool Bar
Turn the toolbar on and off and configure the toolbar definition.
Desired Window Size
Set and clear the desired window size.
Inspect the current browser window, the widget with focus, the current widget selection or the window or widget under the cursor (after a user customizable delay). The “Visually” options shown above are only available when GF/ST (Smalltalk Systems’ graphics framework for VA Smalltalk) is loaded.
Create snapshots of the whole screen, any window, any widget or any user-defined rectangular region. Send the snapshots to the clipboard, printer or save them to a file in bitmap, GIF, JPEG, PCX or TIFF format. A user customizable delay may also be set (default is two seconds).
Browse Methods
Browse Classes
Synchronize Browsers
Specify whether code browsers should be synchronized.
Use Abbreviated Names
Specify whether abbreviated browser names should be used.
Auto Indent
Turn auto indenting on and off.
Use Emulated Toolbar
This item is available on the Transcript window. It toggles between normal and emulated toolbars.
Use Quick Add Buttons
Turns Quick Add Class and Quick Add Method buttons on and off.
Show Version Graph Page
Add a tab to the current tabbed browser that shows a graphical representation of the relationship among versions of applications or classes.
Sticky Notebook Pages
Turn sticky notebook pages on or off. If sticky notebook pages are on, then whichever tab is showing in the current browser, the same tab will be shown when navigating to a different class.
Drag Drop
Turn drag/drop on and off. If drag drop is turned on and the drag drop mouse button is set to the left mouse button, drag/drop will interfere with the ability to drag select multiple items in the various browser lists. If the drag drop mouse button is set to the right mouse button, there is no conflict and drag/drop may be left on permanently.
Expand the text area of any code browser so that it fills the entire window. If the text area is already expanded, restore it to its standard size.
Compare With…
This item is available on the Transcript window. It open a String Compare Browser to compare the content of the current window with the content of a file. You will be prompted for the filename.
Open Preferences Window…
This item is available on the Transcript window. It will open a window allowing the configuration of the same preferences that are included in Tool -> Open Preferences Workspace.
Scrub Image…
This item is available on the Transcript window.