Polymorphic Team
Steve Harris, Hal Hildebrand, Jasen Minton and Ed Shirk
MicroDoc Team
Hendrik Höfer, Jürgen Stuhlweißenburg and Christian Dirnberger
Instantiations Team
Eric Clayberg, Kalpana Krishnaswami and Dan Rubel
We would like to thank the following people. Without their hard work, help, advice, support and debugging skills, this product would never have seen the light of day. Thanks!
Greg Betty, Pat Caudill, Eric Clayberg, Karen Clayberg, Christian Dirnberger,
Peter Durcansky, Juanita Ewing, Steve Harris, Jim Haungs, Hal Hildebrand, Hendrik Höfer, Pat Huff, Bill Hunt, Herb Kelsey, Ed Klimas, Alan Knight, Kalpana Krishnaswami,
Rafael Laguna, David Leibs, Paul McDonough, Steve Messick, Jasen Minton,
Carmelo Montalbano, Tom Murphy, Jeff Odell, Joseph Pelrine, Dan Rubel, Rick Runyan, Gordon Sheppard, Ed Shirk, Sames Shuster, Mike Silverstein, Ian Skerrett, Frank Slattery, Shaun Smith, Enoch Sower, S. Sridhar, Jürgen Stuhlweißenburg, Mike Taylor, Chris Trathen, Marlin Wilson, Allen Wirfs-Brock, Xudong Yan, Robert Yerex
Finally, for all you old timers out there, GF/ST is in many ways a tribute to the concepts and enduringly good design of HotDraw. HotDraw was originally conceived at Tektronix, the birthplace of many of the “big names” in Smalltalk today. These acknowledgements would not be complete without recognizing the contribution of those people, particularly Kent Beck of First Class Software.