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Instantiations develops leading and innovative commercial software products for the Smalltalk development language. Instantiations VA Smalltalk™ product line, as well as its professional services experts, are trusted by software development organizations around the world.

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  • Mark your calendar
    FAST is is hosting the 10th International Conference on Smalltalk Technologies (Smalltalks) November 9-11 in Tucumán, Argentina.
    Everyone, including teachers, students, researchers, developers and entrepreneurs, are welcome as speakers or attendees. Register today for free.
    This year, we are extremely happy to announce Ralph Johnson and Gilad Bracha as keynote speakers.
    • Ralph Johnson is part of the Gang of Four that gave us the language to talk about Design Patterns in software.  He taught Smalltalk at the University of Illinois with widespread influence on the community.  His students include Don Roberts and John Brant, authors of the Refactoring Browser.
    • Gilad Bracha's work as a language designer and implementer spans Strongtalk and the Animorphic VM, the Java HotSpot VM, and more recently Dart at Google as well as NewSpeak.
  • SPLASH’16
    ACM Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications:
    Software for Humanity
    30th October - 4th November , 2016
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Sponsored by ACM SIGPLAN More at http://mqt.st/
  • Camp Smalltalk NMU
    Come to a gathering of Smalltalk enthusiasts September 15-18, 2016
    in Marquette, Michigan. If you are curious, drop by and give Smalltalk a try. Register now!
  • Show Me
    the ESUG 2016 has an informal "show us your projects" track: eight minutes to show off what various people are doing in Smalltalk. The slides and videos are archived here.
  • International Workshop on Smalltalk
    creates a forum around advances or experience in Smalltalk and triggers discussions and exchanges of ideas. Slides from the workshop are posted on slide share and archived at ESUG. Videos are posted on You Tube.
  • 42nd ESUG 2016
    Check the conference schedule for talks.View all presentation videos and slides from the conference. Catch John O'Keefe's "A Smalltalk update" (pdf or video) and Seth Berman's "Security with VA Smalltalk" (pdf or video).
  • Download IBM Smalltalk Redbooks!
    IBM’s Smalltalk Redbooks are now available for download from Instantiations’ website! Click here to check them out: 
  • Instantiations is making available a patch of the version 8.6.1 base image. Please click here for details.
  • Check out our roadmap for version 8.6.3 planned for November 2016.


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Camp Smalltalk NMU
September 15-18, 2016
Marquette, MI
30th October - 4th November, 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Smalltalks 2016
November 9-11, 2016
Tucumán, Argentina


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