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Instantiations develops leading and innovative commercial software products for the Smalltalk development language. Instantiations VA Smalltalk™ product line, as well as its professional services experts, are trusted by software development organizations around the world.

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  • OopluCon 2016
    A Day for the Smalltalk Programming Language and its Friends
    Sunday 10 April 2016, 8am - 4pm
    Location: The Box SF (www.theboxsf.com/
    • The event is free
    • A request for presentations will be announced in a future month
    • A presentation called "An Introduction To Smalltalk" will promoted to the Ruby, Python and Objective C communities
    The latest details will be available at  www.ooplu.com
  • Vancouver Island Camp Smalltalk
    November 6 - 8
    Smalltalk programmers are invited to share neat tricks, kill bugs and make plans. Re.gister and come to Makerspace Nanaimo, at 2221 McGarrigle Rd, Nanaimo, Canada. Check out Makerspace on Facebook.
  • Mark your calendar
    Smalltalks 2015 is meeting November 11-13 in Buenos Aires - Argentina. Register today.
  • ESUG in Brescia
    It's more than Smalltlak. Experience the fun of ESUG social events at the Castello Malvezzi, the Duomo Nuovo, and on the Organ Crawl.
  • Camp Smalltalk PDX
    Good music, good food and good fun with with plenty of coding and great exchange of ideas. See what you missed or look back on a summer weekend of Smalltalk slideshow.
  • VAST Updates from ESUG 2015 -
    VA Smalltalk Update : Catch up on noteworthy corporate news and product developments since the last ESUG conference. (Video part1 part2)
    The Evolution of the VA Smalltalk Virtual Machine : Find out how Instantiations pulled its virtual machine into the 21st century. Read the slides or watch the demo. Learn how VA Smalltalk is entering the 64-bit world. (Video part1 part2)
    ESUG 2015 is on YouTube
  • Instantiations is making available a patch of the base image. Please click here for details.
  • Check out our roadmap for version 8.6.2 planned for October 2015.


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Smalltalks 2015
Buenos Aires - Argentina


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